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Gone are the days when gambling was just a hobby. Currently, many young people are gaming athletes and are part of teams that earn millions throughout the year. However, to get there, it takes a lot of training and studies focusing on strategies for each game.   

With the dissemination the electronic games, the championships have become true means to earn a lot of money, that is, there are already young millionaires after raising several mugs. 

For you to stay tuned in the main competitions that take place around the world, we have selected in this post five that deserve your attention. Check out! 

1. Evolution Championship Series (EVO)

 Focused in fighting games, the EVO is traditional and brings together more than two thousand competitors who face each other in search of the personal prize of US$ 20 thousand. 

The competition has been taking place since 1996 and features games that have become icons in the sector, such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Big brands are also usually partners, like Nintendo. 

2. Major League Gaming (MLG) 

The success of this competition is explained by the audience it provides. The number of fans is so great that ESPN broadcasts the games live to the point of beating NBA matches at peak ratings. 

On the PC screen, games beyond famous: Call Of Duty, League of Legends and Mortal Kombat. It is a heavy competition and also with many editions, considering that it was founded in 2002, in New York, in the United States. 

3. World Cyber Games 

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April 1th 2022

The World Cyber ​​Games was considered the biggest gaming championship in the world, but it has been extinct since 2013. It was sponsored by Samsung and Microsoft and functioned as a kind of Olympics. 

The highlight was the 2009 edition. In it, there was the distribution of R$ 500 thousand in prizes in PC and Xbox games. The competition had been founded in South Korea in 2000 and the name referred to the company that organized the competition. 

4. Electronic Sports World Convention (ESWC)

This competition has already brought together the best gaming teams in the world and is structured as a kind of Libertadores compared to football, that is, whoever wins passes the stage. The players who are at the top of the rankings go to the finals, which takes place in France. 

On French soil, the best face each other and the winners take not only the coveted trophy but also the prize of 550 thousand reais. 

Within the ESWC, the games that stay on the screens are Counter –Strike, Warcraft, Tracmania and Quake.  

5. The International 

The tournament brings together competitors who are masters of the game that distributes the most millionaire prizes around the world: Dota 2. Currently, the tournament distributes more than R$ 30 million in prizes only to the winning team, that is, we can say that it is the most harassed championship in the world. 

The value comes from the values ​​collected from the items within the game itself, that is, there are a lot of people playing. It is the competition that most breaks records with awards.

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