Starfield game 'will be exclusive to Xbox and PC'

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The sci-fi RPG Starfield from Bethesda will be exclusive to Xbox e PC, therefore, will not be released to PlayStation 5 , they claim.

That's according to GamesBeat journalist Jeff grubb, who wrote on Friday: “Starfield is exclusive to Xbox e PC. Period. It's me confirming this. ”

speaking of a live video , the prominent gaming industry reporter stated that he believes the title will appear at E3 next month and will likely launch in 2022.

Starfield is the next great RPG from the creator of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, originally announced in June 2018 with a teaser trailer, after which the director Todd Howard said it was a game he wanted to make “for a long, long time. ”

Fonte: Starfield

Nothing has been seen of the game since then, and at the E3 2019, the game's director urged fans to be "very patient" regarding Starfield's upcoming reveal.

The launch plans for the next projects of the Bethesda Softworks have been a big talking point since Microsoft announced the Acquisition of ZeniMax Media for $7,5 billion (R$ 39.434.632.500,00) .

Even the CEO do PlayStation, Jim Ryan , seemed as interested as anyone in whether fans of the PlayStation will be able to play future Bethesda games.

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Xbox boss,  Phil Spencer , said that Microsoft  would honor existing PS5 exclusivity agreements that Bethesda has for games like  Deathloop  e Ghostwire: Tokyo. For future Bethesda games, Spencer said "we will use other consoles on a case-by-case basis".

In November, the CFO do Xbox, Tim Stuart, said Microsoft wants future Bethesda games to be "either first or best or best" on Xbox platforms.

In a speech last October, Todd Howard said of the platform's launch plans: "We'll decide what makes the most sense for our audience when the time comes, and I really can't project today what it will look like."

Commenting on the allegations of Starfield de Grubb, senior research analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad said it's "becoming more important" for Microsoft to invest in exclusive content for its Game Pass subscription.

Highly anticipated titles such as Halo Infinite and Starfield launching into Game Pass on day 1, accessible through multiple access points, will further Microsoft's goal of increasing total subscribers, network effects and driving additional monetisation within the ecosystem.

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) May 15, 2021

“With Game Pass now at the heart of the Xbox ecosystem, it's becoming more important for Microsoft to invest in exclusive and IP content that increases the value of the service and leads to new user acquisitions,” he wrote.

“It is no secret that the Microsoft is on a buyout spree to get content, IP, and talent that can deliver titles on Game Pass on Day 1. The launch of original titles in the Game Pass on day 1 remains the main competitive advantage over other services.”

According to journalist Imran Khan, Sony was at one point in talks to sign with Starfield as an exclusive game for PS5, before its agreed sale to the rival platform Xbox.

“A Sony been negotiating timed exclusivity in the Starfield a few months ago,” he wrote in September. “I imagine that either these trades ended or the price suddenly went up.”

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