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    Stardew Valley: Should You Choose Mushrooms or Bats?

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    Want to know if you have mushrooms or bats in your cave in Stardew Valley? Here's everything you need to know.

    Right after moving to your farm Stardew Valley , you will have the option to choose the type of item your cave will produce. This is a small cave at the top of your farm. Here, you can choose how to fill the space.

    You will be able to grow mushrooms or populate the cave with bats, which will drop fruit. The decision can be difficult, but that's why we're here to help. In this guide, we'll take a detailed look at each cave type, as well as which one is most beneficial. First, let's see how to unlock the farm cave.

    How to unlock the Farm Cave

    To unlock the farm cave, you need to have gained at least 25.000g. Before earning this money, the cave will remain empty. You will still be able to enter, but the cave will produce nothing.

    The morning after you earn 25.000g, Demetrius will visit your farm. From the front of his farmhouse he will tell you about using the cave for your research and give you the choose between mushrooms or bats.

    Once you've made your decision, you won't be able to reverse it. That means you will be stuck with the cave type.

    Morcegos of fruit in the cave

    via Nikki Storm / Steam

    If you chose to populate the cave with fruit bats, you can expect to see a variety of fruits on the cave floor every day.

    The fruit spawn rate depends on the amount of fruit inside it. For example, if the cave is empty, there is a 48% chance that new fruits will appear. This reduces to 25% if there is one fruit inside the cave, 13% if there are two fruits present, and 7% if there are more than three fruits present. Overall, try to pick fruit daily for a better chance of finding more fruit.

    Below you can find all the fruits, as well as their drop chances and selling price.

    FruitLuck of SpawnSelling price (normal quality)
    Spice Berry20%80g
    wild plum20%80g

    All the fruits listed above can be found at any time of year. While the fruit appears normally during specific seasons, this does not apply to the farm cave.

    In addition, the quality of the fruit can range from normal to gold. if you have the botanist profession, all the fruits will be quality de iridium. This will increase the selling price of the fruit.

    Growing mushrooms in the cave

    Picking mushrooms will turn the cave into a mushroom growing area. There will be six different boxes that take between one and two days to grow mushrooms.

    Mushroom growth depends on bedtime. If you go to bed later, the mushrooms will grow faster. For example, if you go to bed at 2am, the mushrooms will be grown around 12:40pm the next day.

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    Going to bed before 18 pm will make the mushrooms grow over the course of two days. To maximize production, try going to bed later in the day. You'll get more mushrooms as well as more time during the day to explore and tend your farm.

    There are five different types of mushrooms, which you can find listed below, along with their spawn rate and price.

    MushroomLuck of SpawnSelling price (normal quality)
    common mushroom69,8%40g
    red mushroom12,3%75g
    purple mushroom2,5%250g

    Unlike the fruits in the farm cave, all mushrooms you collect in the cave will be of normal quality.

    Which one is the best?

    So which one do you choose? First, let's see the benefits of getting the mushroom cave.

    Each mushroom (except the Chanterelle) is used in a pack for the Community Center. Most of these mushrooms are also rare. With a mushroom cave, you can get rare mushrooms for the bundles without waiting for the season.

    AlĂ©m disso, All ingredients needed for Life Elixir can be grown in the mushroom cave. Life Elixir is a handcrafted item that will fully restore your health and restore 200 energy. This item is very useful for exploring caves and has a retail price of 500g. 

    The elixir provides a great deal of health and energy, however, compared to certain quality iridium products, it will not be as efficient.

    The mushroom cave is a good source of items needed for packs. If you plan on doing a lot of mining and exploring caves, the mushroom cave will be a good source of ingredients for the Elixir of Life.

    The fruit bat cave also has its own benefits. Similar to mushrooms, all fruits you can find in the cave (except Salmonberries) are needed in packs for the Community Center.

    Fruits are also a great gift for villagers. In general, the fruit is a universally appreciated gift. With a steady supply of fruit, you will be able to increase your friendship with the villagers.

    Selling fruit can be a good source of money, but after you have several fruit trees on your farm, the cave may become obsolete. Instead of waiting for the chance for an orange to appear, you can just plant some orange trees.

    Which one is the best? This will depend on what you want to focus on while taking care of your farm. Below you can find which playstyle each cave type is suitable for.

    mushroom cavefruit bat cave
    Completing the following packs:Fall ForagingDyeExoticField ResearchCrafting Life ElixirsSell de rare mushrooms and expensive (great money generator)Completing the following packages:CraftsmanFall ForagingSummer HarvestFrom the SorcererTo offer villagers fruit

    In general, you will get more use from a mushroom cave. Mushrooms sell for more money and will grow consistently if you go to bed after 18pm. With enough fruit trees, you will be able to make up for not choosing the fruit bat cave.

    The decision is up to you, however. Choose what you think is best! You will benefit from both cave options, and there is no “right” choice.

    Image Credits: Izzybugg / Steam

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