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    Stardew Valley: How to Make Truffle Oil

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    Truffle oil is easily one of the most profitable items in Stardew Valley. See how to do it!

    There are several different ways to make money in Stardew Valley. Each season, you will find new products that sell for various amounts of money. However, not all items are the same; To earn the most money, you should prioritize items that sell for a lot. One of these top selling items is the truffle oil.

    This expensive oil is created with the help of pigs. In this guide, we will see how to collect truffles and make truffle oil.

    First, let's take a look at what truffle oil is and how much it sells for.

    What is truffle oil?

    Truffle oil is a handcrafted product that can sell for a lot of money. To make truffle oil, you will need to place a truffle in an oil maker. The quality of a truffle will not affect the price of oil. All truffle oil will sell for 1.065g.

    This price will jump to 1.491g with the Craftsman Profession, the which increases the sale price by 40%.

    Truffle Oil is also required for the Mayor's Need quest . In this mission, you will need to deliver a truffle oil to Mayor Lewis. In return, you will receive 750g and a friendship heart.

    In addition to the above quest, truffle oil can be donated to the Community Center to complete the Craftsman Pack in the Pantry.

    Lastly, you will need truffle oil, along with pine wood and tar, to make the rain totem.

    Buying a Pig

    Truffle oil needs truffles, which can be found by pigs. Unlike other animal products, pigs don't actually make truffles; instead, they look for them.

    To get a pig you will need buy one at Marnie's Ranch. The ability to buy a pig will unlock once you have one luxury barn. With a luxury barn, you can get a pig for 16.000g.

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    collecting truffles

    A fully mature pig will produce a random amount of truffles every day, depending on where they roam. As the pigs roam outside, they have a chance to dig up a truffle and leave it on the ground. . Above you can see several pigs and the truffles they dug up.

    The quality and quantity of truffles you will receive depends on the pig's happiness. A pig at maximum happiness will give an average of three truffles a day.

    Pigs will only be able to look for truffles if they are outside. That means you don't you can get truffles during the winter or on rainy days. The pigs will remain inside the barn and will start finding truffles again during the spring.

    Truffles in an oil maker

    Once your pig has found some truffles, it's time to turn them into truffle oil. This can be done with a oil manufacturer.

    The recipe for an oil producer will be unlocked in the Agriculture level 8 and requires the following materials:

    • 50x Slime
    • 20x Hardwood
    • 1x gold bar

    You can place oil makers anywhere on your farm. To use it, just go to a truffle and interact with the oil maker. This will put the truffle inside. It will take six hours in the game to make a truffle oil.

    You may already have a pig before you reach Farming Level 8. At truffles sell for a lot of money , so if you don't have access to an oil producer, you can still make money selling truffles. Below you can find the prices that truffles sell according to their quality.

    truffle qualityPrice

    As you can see, the Iridium quality truffles sell for a lot. If you don't have the craftsman profession and you find a quality iridium truffle, you'll make a lot of money selling it, so you don't necessarily need an oil maker to make a lot of money from these high-value items.

    That's all you need to know about truffle oil in Stardw Valley! It is quite easy to do and is a great way to make more money.

    Image Credits: Eric Barone, Sickhead Games, ConcernedApe
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