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    Stardew Valley: How to expand and renovate your farm

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    Expanding and renovating the farmhouse is an important goal for many Stardew Valley players, though it can be difficult to justify the cost from the start.

    Stardew Valley It's all about smooth progression as players farm, make friends and discover the secrets of Pelican Town. The game begins with the player inheriting his grandfather's farm in Stardew Valley holder. Unfortunately, the farm is in a very bad state to begin with, and a lot of hard work is needed to improve it.

    One of the biggest goals for most players in Stardew Valley will be to restore the farmhouse itself, which starts out as a single room. However, building the farmhouse and adding new rooms and features can be very expensive, so it's a good idea to plan upgrades in advance.

    Unlike many of the features of Stardew Valley , the farm upgrade is available from the start of the game. To get started, head to the Carpenter's Shop in Robin and Demetrius' house, which can be found in the hilly area north of Pelican Town.

    Robin is the carpenter in town and her shop is open from 9 am to 17 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It closes an hour early on Friday and only opens on Tuesday if it's raining. Talk to Robin at the counter to check the list of available upgrades and renovations for the farm.

    How to upgrade the farm

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    There are three basic upgrades to the farm in Stardew Valley , each more expensive than the last, as well as a series of free renovations that will only be available once players have a fully upgraded farm:

    house improvement 1Adds a bedroom as well as a functional kitchen.10.000g, 450 Wood
    Home Upgrade 2Adds two new bedrooms, including one with toddler beds and a crib, allowing players to have children. It also expands the bedroom and kitchen.50.000g, 150 Hardwood
    house improvement 3Adds a cellar below the kitchen, allowing players to increase the rarity of crafted goods using Kegs.100.000g
    remove cribGet rid of the crib, removing the possibility of having children.Regular
    open roomRemoves the wall between the bedroom and entry area, adding extra space.Regular
    Add South RoomAdds a room below the bedroom.Regular
    add corner roomAdds a room above the bedroom.Regular

    Robin will take three days to build each of the base upgrades, though players can still use the house normally while it is working. Renovations are completed instantly and, unlike basic upgrades, can be reversed by returning to Robin's shop. 

    The Pelican Town Carpenter can also be used to build a variety of outbuildings, allowing players to keep animals in Stardew Valley .

    Stardew Valley is available for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Switch and Xbox One.

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