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Riot Games will be officially stepping into the first-person shooter genre when Valorant hits the market later this year. This title is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five compete to eliminate each other and be crowned victorious. One of the characters known as agents that players will be able to use is Sleep. In this article we have everything we know about the Sleep currently.

Sova Valorant

According to Riot Game's official description of this agent, “Sova tracks, finds, and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and accuracy. Your custom bow and amazing observation skills ensure that even if you run, you can't hide."

Riot Games also revealed that this character is from Russia.

Photo: Riot Games/Reproduction

Players who choose to play as SOVA will have four different skills they can use to help themselves and their teammates get as many advantages as they can in a match. You can find these four skills and their official descriptions below:

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  • Shock Bolt – Fire an explosive bolt that emits a damaging pulse of static energy upon impact.
  • Owl Drone – Deploy a pilotable drone that can fire a dart that will reveal enemies hit.
  • Signature Ability: Recon Bolt – Fire a bolt that deploys a sonar emitter. Sonar sounds mark nearby enemies, causing them to be revealed. It can be destroyed.
  • Ultimate: Hunter's Fury – Fire up to three deadly energy blasts that shoot across the map. Each enemy hit takes heavy damage and is marked.
Reproduction: Facebook Valorant Spain official Riot Games

Valorant's official Twitter account released a gameplay video showing SOVA utilizing his various abilities in a match where viewers can see just how useful this character could be when he got used to his fullest potential. You can find this gameplay video for SOVA below: VALORANT✔@PlayVALORANT

SOVA /// Russia
"Wherever they run, I will find them."#VALORANT

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) March 19, 2020

Do you want to know more about Valorant, in addition to all the currently known information about Sova? In that case, check out our dedicated page with the latest news for the high-profile game.

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