Sony launches its PlayStation 5 system software beta program

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Is Sony's PS5 System Software Beta Program your chance to get your hands on the new PlayStation 5 features before anyone else?

By signing up for the program, which can be done here, you will be able to test out the new PlayStation 5 system software before the general PS5 public. Your feedback can even help shape the development of PlayStation 5 software. Doesn't that sound great?

On paper, yes, even if you don't get paid to be a beta tester, it's quite common for people to sign up for beta programs. People tend to consider taking a peek at the product in question as payment for putting it to the test. Except, when it comes to beta testing the PlayStation 5, or any console, it's not that simple.

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If, say, you're testing a beta game, the worst that can usually happen is the game doesn't work or crashes. It is extremely, extremely rare for a game to put the running console or computer out of action, even temporarily. If, on the other hand, a console's system software isn't working properly, it can make your console inaccessible, which at worst will mean sending it back to Sony.

So we're not saying "don't do it," but we advise caution if you're considering signing up for the PlayStation 5 system software Beta Program.

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