Sony 'is the only platform that charges for cross-play', says Epic CEO

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A Sony will only support cross-play in games if publishers agree to compensate you when you are not earning your share of the revenue, according to the epic Games the CEO of .

Tim Sweeney revealed the deal as part of his deposition yesterday during the Epic vs Apple In Progress, where he stated that Sony is the sole owner of the platform demanding compensation for lost revenue during cross-play.

A document released as part of the hearing shows that Sony demands royalties if the company's "share of revenue between the parties" drops below 85%.

This means that if the proportion of revenue earned through in-game purchases is less than 85% of the proportion of users playing in PlayStation , Sony wants to be compensated.

The move is designed to prevent players from purchasing in-game items from stores on other platforms and then using them primarily on PlayStation.

Source: PlayStation

"In certain circumstances, Epic will have to pay Sony additional revenue," Sweeney said during the test. “If someone were playing mainly in the PlayStation, but paying on the iPhone, that could generate compensation.”

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Sony's settlement also states that it has the right to audit the publisher's books to see what a game's revenue was, so it can determine its profit share.

Other documents released during the trial show Sony's initial reluctance to support cross-play.

A 2018 email sent by Epic VP of Business Development Joe Krenier to Sony stated, “We love working with PlayStation and we want this to be a win/win. The longer this drags on, the less it will be. ”

According to the email, the Epic was not only willing to share its data with Sony, but also offered to mark its presence at E3 with the PlayStation and announce the cross-game jointly with Sony. As Krenier puts it, the goal was "for Epic to go out of their way to make Sony look like heroes", supporting cross-play.

The offer was turned down by Sony, with Senior Director of Developer Relations Gio Corsi responding that "Cross-platform gaming is not an easy game no matter the size of the title" and that "many companies are exploring this idea and none can explain how cross-console play improves PlayStation's business. ”

Sony has been criticized for some time for blocking cross-play and cross-progression between the PS4 version of Fortnite and the versions Switch e Xbox One . Then, in September 2018, the company made an apparent turnaround and announced that it was supporting cross-play.

At the time, John Smedley, the former CEO of Sony Online Entertainment, claimed that Sony's refusal to participate in the crossover game was due to earnings.

“When I was at Sony, the internally stated reason for this was money,” Smedley said in June 2018. “They didn't like someone buying something at a store. Xbox and was used on a Playstation. That simple. Stupid reason, but there it is. ”

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