Sony is asking suppliers to ramp up PS5 stock production this year

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Maybe you can get your hands on a PS5 in 2021 after all.

Jim Ryan said that Sony asked the suppliers to help it increase the production of the PlayStation 5 to make them more readily available this year.

This is according to Nikkei, who spoke to Jim Ryan about PS5 exclusives, production, and the Japanese market. 

In that interview, Jim Ryan said, “We are asking our suppliers to allow us to increase production, which will come to market this year.”

With the semiconductor issues, it's unclear how easy it will be to ramp up production, but the main takeaway from all of this is that Sony is aware of the inventory issues and is actively trying to fix them this year.

Source: PlayStatio
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While they are very well documented at this point, Jim Ryan also described some of the reasons behind the production issues: “Supply under the novel coronavirus was very complicated and we had to limit online distribution. Supply and demand for semiconductors is also tight around the world.”

The PS5s have been notoriously hard to come by since their initial pre-order window opened, with stock seemingly coming at random and often going to scalpers and bots. 

O Xbox Series X and S have had their own inventory issues, but it seems to be a lot harder to find a PS5 these days.

The rest of the interview discusses Sony's stance on exclusives, revealing that there will be more exclusives on the PS5 than any other PlayStation console. 

Interestingly, Jim Ryan also commented on recent rumors that Sony is pulling away from the Japanese market.

 He said, "We will continue to strengthen our ties with Japanese developers and release content for the PS5 that suits the Japanese market."

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