Skyrim: 5 best mods for Argonians

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Black Marsh Argonians are rarely seen in the cold Norse homeland of Skyrim – here are the best Argonian mods that improve the Lizardfolk race.

The Argonians in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are noticeably different from their counterparts Oblivion, Morrowind, and even Elder Scrolls Online, thanks to their lack of feathers and relatively weaker racial abilities. They are few and far between in the Nord homeland, though some questlines (notably with the Dark Brotherhood) feature the race prominently.

Play as an Argonian in Skyrim generally takes a stealthy approach to the game, although some mods restore the martial and magical prowess of Black Marsh's Lizardfolk. They are a strange race, even among Tamriel's diversity, for their devotion to the enigmatic Hist trees and their reverence for Sithis, one of the traditionally "evil" Daedric Princes.

Darkwater Den – Argonian Home

The Argonians consider Skyrim a particularly harsh and unforgiving landscape. They are lizardfolk, after all, and the bitter cold of the icy north often proves to be too much for the average Argonian (perhaps explaining their relative rarity in the province). 

Any Argonian venturing into Skyrim would love to have a cozy, family-friendly home waiting for them – and that's exactly what Darkwater Den is.

Darkwater Den appears on the world map once the mod is installed, though the player will have to find the Argonian Derkeethus to acquire the key. 

Inside are a variety of useful features, such as an appearance-altering mirror, multiple display rooms for everything from gems to Dragon Priest Masks, an enchanting table, and even a shrine to the Hist, one of the only Hist shrines in the world. Skyrim.

The Darkwater Den mod can be downloaded (and installed) via Skyrim Nexus

Argonian Women Without Breasts

A problem with the Argonians throughout The Elder Scrolls series is the presence of breasts in women. This is explained in-game via various stories involving how the sensitive Hist created the Argonians, but ultimately it just doesn't make much sense for humanoid lizards to have mammalian breasts, perhaps they were given human breasts to make them less so. aliens, but many players believe they are unnecessary.

The Breastless Argonian Females mod changes this, severely reducing the bust of Argonian females in Skyrim. 

While male Argonians have thicker heads and wider frames, female Argonians cannot be identified not by their immersion-breaking breasts, but by their head and body proportions as well. It's not a game-changing mod by any means, but the faithful Argonian RPG player will find this a necessity.

The Breastless Argonian Females mod can be downloaded (and installed) via Skyrim Nexus.

Argonian Amazing Race Tweaks

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The Argonians get an absolute litany of new powers and skill mods with their custom version of the Amazing Race Tweaks mod, mostly to do with their Hist connection. 

New abilities include the return of Shadowscale, Oblivion's near-invisibility ability, the Protective Scales ability that adds resistance to melee weapons, and the Histsight and Histskin powers for underwater vision and enhanced healing, respectively.

On top of all this, Argonians also get much faster swimming speed thanks to their tail, a harmful poison cape, higher health values, better restoration bonuses, as well as the addition of Poison Resistance and Weakness. to the Ice.

 They receive huge bonuses to Restoration and Stealth, while Block, Destroy, Illusion and Lockdown receive smaller bonuses.

Argonian Amazing Race Tweaks can be installed via Steam Workshop.

Digitigrade khajiit and argon feet

Argonians represented in Skyrim are very different from their previous versions. It's not just their lack of feathers (or their uncanny resemblance to Skyrim's dragons), it's also an issue with their in-game models. 

Argonian feet look too human to make sense, as they should have more lizard-like features. This is also true of Khajiit, whose human-looking padded feet make no sense.

The Digitigrade Khajiit and Argonian Feet mod is subtle, but worth installing for detail-oriented gamers. This makes Argonian feet more similar to a Velociraptor's than a Human's (and Khajiit are also given proper cat paws).

The Digitigrade Feet mod can be installed via Steam Workshop.

Argonian Exports

Black Marsh has very little presence in Skyrim, with only passing references to the endless swamp homeland of the Argonians made in books and in dialogue. Argonian products are unlike most, being made to adapt to the swamp environment, and, in folklore, their alcoholic beverages are legends thanks to the Argonians' tough bodies.

The Argonian Exports mod brings some of that Black Marsh culture and flavor to Skyrim, specifically around Solitude. The merchant has his shop on the Saxheel, an argon trading ship docked in the port of Solitude. Players can purchase Argonian weapons and armor, Argonian Ale, furniture and details, as well as the rare Hist Sap merchandise.

The Argonian Exports mod can be installed via the Steam Workshop.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in its original moddable version (not Special Edition or otherwise) is only available for PC.

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