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    Skate City already has a release date on consoles and PCs

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    not only the Tony Hawk Pro Skater live skateboarding games in video games. Developers Agens Games and Snowman are bringing a new vision to the genre: Skate City. In fact, this vision is not even that new, as the game initially came out for iOS in 2019, but the title will now be ported to all platforms.

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    Skate City doesn't have a realistic feel like the aforementioned Tony Hawk, Skater XL or Session, but it brings a unique, half-drawn, cartoonish art style. Some settings based on real cities are present in the game, such as Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. Each city has its own challenges (about 100 in total), in which you have to do the tricks and accumulate the necessary points. Or, if you prefer to just stay cool, there's the Endless Skate mode (something like endless skateboarding), which is nothing more than a free mode to explore and perform tricks wherever and however you want.

    As it couldn't help but appear, in the in-game store, it is possible to customize the character, the character's clothes and, of course, his skateboard. However, it's no use being stylish if no one will see it. Therefore, the game has its own gameplay capture tool, with some settings available (zoom, rotate the camera and slow motion).

    Skate City launches May 6 for all current platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC (via Epic and Steam).

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