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    Shin Megami Tensei V: Hydra Boss Guide (Tips, Stats & Strategies)

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    Defeating Hydra in Shin Megami Tensei 5 can be tricky if players don't have the right party members. Here are some tips for beating the first boss.

    The first challenging boss players will encounter in Shin Megami Tensei V will be the serpent-like Lernaean Hydra, commonly known simply as Hydra. 

    Defeating Hydra requires a fair amount of preparation, without fusing powerful demons, Hydra is capable of defeating all party members with powerful attacks. The Hydra boss battle encounter will begin once players reach Tokyo Tower.

    Defeat bosses in Shin megami tensei 5  requires players to be aware of the demon's weaknesses and resistances. 

    The case remains the same for the Hydra Boss battle, as exploiting its weakness is essential to defeating it. In addition, players will also have extra turns exploiting Hydra's weakness and will have the opportunity to hit him with critical hits.

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    Before heading to Tokyo Tower to face the Hydra boss, players of Shin megami tensei 5 must make sure they have the right demons in their group. Since Hydra in Shin megami tensei 5  deals a lot of damage using its dark elemental moves, it is recommended to carry HP and MP recovery items. 

    In addition, it is also prudent to have the Magatsuhi gauge maxed out as it is useful for dealing extra damage whenever Hydra starts collecting Magatsuhi.


    Here's how players can defeat the Hydra boss in Shin Megami Tensei V:

    • Hydra is a level 15 demon that is weak to ice-type attacks and resists all fire spells. Therefore, players must have a team of monsters in Shin Megami Tensei V that can cast ice-type spells to gain extra turns. Don't spam ice-based attacks to avoid depleting MP during battle.
    • Avoid the Magatsuhi skill initially as it is beneficial for the later stages of the battle.
    • Hydra deals great damage using fire-based attacks. Her Fire Breath +3 attack and Magatsuhi ability can be very deadly, so use a Fire dampener item to lessen the effects.
    • When Hydra signals that it is about to use its Toxic Breath attack, save your next move to avoid taking massive damage. Players can also use the Darkness Dampener item to mitigate damage from Dark Elemental attacks.
    • When Hydra's HP is around 50%, start using ice-based attacks as much as possible to gain more turns. Hydra starts dealing +3 physical attacks when her health is almost at half, so it's crucial to keep doing more turns.
    • When Hydra gathers Magatsuhi from the surroundings, use "Omagatoki: Critical" with a Magatsuhi bar at max to gain an offensive advantage.
    • Keep damage and use healing items when needed. The Hydra will eventually fall.
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