See how red the new color of the PS5 controller is

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We got the new PS5 controller colors from Cosmic Red and Midnight Blackeis as they look like in the real world.

Red, as everyone knows, is the best primary color, so it was extremely exciting to hear PlayStation announce a new Cosmic Red color PS5 controller last month (along with a Black Midnight variant). The two new PS5 controller colors that were officially released today hit our tables recently, so we snapped some pictures to see just how vibrant this new red is in the real world (midnight black is, suffice to say, very stylish and cool. But at the end of the day, it's not red.)

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Here's how PlayStation describes the two new color variants: "Midnight Black features two subtly different shades of black with light gray accents to reflect how we see space through the night sky, and Cosmic Red offers a striking black and red design inspired by by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos," said PlayStation's Isabelle Tomatis on the PlayStation blog.

Both new controllers are available to order now through various retailers, with the Cosmic Red controller costing more than Midnight Black (because of the redness, one might assume). You can order it online from retailers like Best Buy e GameStop .

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