Sea Of Thieves: How to Defeat the Red Tornado Boss

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Want to defeat those annoying red tornado bosses? Then check out this practical and elegant guide.

if you have played Sea Of Thieves recently, you've probably seen a giant red tornado appear in the sky. This is a worldwide event known as The Ashen Winds, which leads to a pretty tough boss fight with one of Captain Flameheart's Ashen Lords.

However, this fight can be a very profitable event that can net you a huge amount of high-value loot. So if you want to get involved in some violence and earn gold, here's our guide on how to take on these red tornado bosses.

Navigate to Red Tornado

When you see the red tornado, sail your ship towards it and find the island it landed on. It usually tends to be one of the larger islands, as the Wanderer's Refuge ou to Kraken Remains .

Once you've found the island, make sure you have a supply of food and search around the island for the nearest ammo crate. Ashen Lords have some powerful attacks that can destroy you at close range, so using the Eye Of Reach rifle or Flintlock pistol to attack from a distance might be a good idea. 

If you happen to find one Trident Of Dark Tides, this can be incredibly useful in winning this fight, as a fully charged attack can quickly lower your HP. You can also park your ship close enough to the island to blast them with your cannons, but be careful as they can do great damage to your ship.

In the center of the red tornado, you'll find one of the four Ashen Lords of Flameheart. This includes Warden Chi, Red Ruth, Captain Grimm and Old Horatio. They all have different personalities, but their attack patterns and move sets are the same. 

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If you've ever fought one of the Skeleton Lords, this battle should be familiar. The main difference is that the Ashen Lords have attacks that do significant fire damage, so make sure you're near water so you can extinguish yourself.

During the fight they will have a variety of melee attacks that will knock you down. That's why having a ranged weapon will make this fight a lot easier. They will also summon skeleton mobs, throw rocks and fireballs, spit fire from their mouths, and create a smokescreen that will obscure your vision.

The Ashen Lord boss fights have three phases. You'll know a new stage is about to begin when they drop to their knees. This is a good opportunity to run in and start hitting them with your Cutlass until they get back on their feet.

Upon reaching the second stage of the fight, they will gain a close-range shockwave attack where they will slam into the ground and send you flying into the air. This move does fire damage and fall damage as you land, so stay away from the boss and continue to use ranged attacks.

You'll know you're in the final stage when they begin their deadliest attack: raining flaming rocks from the sky. This move can do a lot of damage and even cause any nearby water sources to boil. Try to find a spot on the island that can provide air cover until the attack ends.

Eventually, you should do enough damage to defeat them, and treasure should appear all over the island. You will always get a Ashen Winds Skull , which can be used as a flamethrower weapon or sold for a high price at an Order of Souls outpost. 

There must also be a Chest Of Rage , which will explode unless you continually pour water over it. Along with these goodies, you should find a variety of Ashen treasure chests, artifacts, and high-value crates to sell to The Merchant’s Alliance.

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