Scorpion VS Sub Zero is the classic battle in Mortal Kombat clip

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With just one week to go before the big release of the Mortal Kombat movie, Warner Bros in partnership with GameSpot Universe has released a new clip that shows a little more of the classic confrontation between Scorpion and Sub Zero. This is one of the most anticipated battles in the long and promises a lot of brutality, which makes fans even more anxious.

Don't get too carried away, as the video is just over 30 seconds long and doesn't show a drop of blood being spilled by either of the two warriors. Are the most deadly moves left out of the video or is this just a warm-up for the real fight between the two? We won't find out until the 13th of May, unfortunately. Despite being released on the 23rd of April on the international market, we are behind in this regard.

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However, critics have already seen the film and Mortal Kombat reviews are mostly positive. That's a huge relief, even with the fears of players in general over the presence of a new character in the lead role, Cole Young. If this novelty coexisted well with the other icons, it's worth giving it a try, isn't it?

Scorpion will be played by actor Hiroyuki Sanada, known for his role as Uijo from The Last Samurai, Shingen from Wolverine: Immortal and yakuza member Akihiko in Avengers: Endgame. Sub Zero will be played by Joe Taslim, a martial artist who has played Jah in Fast & Furious 6 and Manas in Star Trek Beyond.

Even with the absence of blood in this Mortal Kombat clip, the two characters don't seem to be joking around and the short time of the battle already shows that the choreography is very well set. Unfortunately for us, the rest of this will only be seen in the film itself in May of this year.

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