Schalke 04 LoL team replaces Gilius and Kirei to start the next LEC division

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The trend of Schalke 04 in making last-minute sprints in the playoffs of LEC contributed to some of the hottest schedules in the last two divisions. 

At the center of the team's efforts is the veteran jungler Erberk 'Gilius' Demir, also known as 'God Gilius' who has been a strong presence since returning to the main cast last summer.

However, despite the Schalke have achieved their best result in the LEC since the last split of summer 2019, the team has decided it's time for a change. 

the administrative director Tim Reichert today released a statement announcing that Gilius will be eliminated in the next division, with Thomas'Kirei' Yuen being hired after a spell with the French team of ERL, GamersOrigin.

Source: ESPN
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April 1th 2022

“We looked at the options for position in the wild this off-season and soon realized that Kirei could be a great option for us,” he says. Kirei will now join the new recruit Ilias ‘Nuclearint’ Bizriken, who officially received a call from the academy team at Schalke after the change of Felix 'Abbedagge' Brown protocols for LCS 100 Thieves last month.

According to the declaration of Reichert, the midlaner, alongside the rest of the team and coaching staff, all felt that Kirei would have a solid fit.

“He (Kirei) is an excellent player SoloQ" Reichert continues, “but not only that. He also performed very well during his time in Turkey and got along well with teams in ERLs. " 

The decision to put Gilius on the bench was not an easy one for Reichert, although he says it was made to try to inject a little more consistency into the team's sometimes "shaky" performances.

Deep has a contract with the Schalke, but had the opportunity to look for another team. If things don't work out with Kirei, however, a miracle run of summer 2021 may still be in the cards.

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