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    Scarlet Nexus: new game more explained

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    Because Yuito and Kasane's stories are different, the New Game Plus version of Scarlet Nexus is a little different, but there's more incentive to start one.

    Although  Scarlet Nexus has been  released just a few days ago, some players are already finalizing their first save files, whether with Yuito and Kasane. But because of the way protagonist stories work, starting a New Game Plus file is a little different from other games.

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    As those who started or finished Scarlet Nexus know, players must choose between Yuito and Kasane when starting a new game. But this is more than just choosing to play a male or female character. 

    Both Kasane and Yuito have unique character traits, experiences, and abilities. Although they both wield psychokinetic powers, their brain maps vary because while Yuito uses a basic sword in battle, Kasane wields floating knives controlled by his powers. Yuito can do more damage, but Kasane is faster. Also, their stories vary greatly, although they may start in the same place and many missions that take place will be the same.

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