RuneScape: Adds “Below Ice Mountain”, a new free mission

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OSRS has just received a new free-to-play quest and dungeon.

Below the Ice Mountain there is a new mission in Old school RuneScape , available to both members and the free-to-play community. 

The quest follows Willow – an archeologist in search of her next find – and will unlock access to a dungeon beneath the Ice Mountain.

There's good reason to tackle the new quest, as the Ice Mountain Dungeon is home to a variety of useful resources and activities. 

Specifically, you'll have access to a "large forge powered by Barronite, a unique material that can only be found there.

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April 1th 2022

” Barronite can be gathered throughout the dungeon while training, giving you a chance to earn XP as you unlock the secrets of the new icy location. 

Jagex said that the activities inside the Ice Mountain Dungeon are aimed at lower-level Free-to-play characters and should fill in the “notable gaps” in the free-to-play skill.

🏔 Uncover the secrets of Ice Mountain in the newest quest, Below Ice Mountain!

đź—ş Complete the quest to explore a new dungeon packed with lore and new activities!

🌊 There are also some Tempoross tweaks, and a change to Seedbox death mechanics.


— Old School RuneScape (@OldSchoolRS) April 14, 2021

From mining and forging to fishing and fighting, there's plenty of new content to unlock in the latest free-to-play region. 

In addition to the Barronite forge, you'll also have access to the Vault - a labyrinth-like room that houses several chests. Find a way into the Vault and you'll have a minute to loot as many chests as possible before reaching the exit. 

If you can't make it to the exit in time, all your loot will be lost - which should result in some fun "risk versus reward" runs.

To learn more about the new quest and dungeon, check out the full OSRS patch notes.

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