Rumors of GTA 6 in 2025 start to come true

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I believe that, like millions of players, you are also looking forward to GTA 6. However, apparently this will take a little longer to happen. Initially, YouTuber Ben Henderson revealed that he had heard about it behind the scenes and that the title would only come out in 2025. However, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier confirmed that it is the information that also reached him.

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These sorts of insider rumors often kick in to absurd points, but Schreier has too high a credibility to risk it that way and can take it for granted that there really is a prediction of the genre going on inside Rockstar. On Twitter he confirmed the information. "Everything Ben Henderson said about the game matches what I've heard internally."

No pronouncement on GTA 6 has been made by the developer or 2K Games, but you can sit back and hope that it will still take a while. For now, it has been revealed that the fifth title in the franchise will get a version on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series and that's what fans have to settle for for now. This also dampens rumors that Bully 2 and even a new Max Payne would be in the works, leaving many of its fans in the lurch.

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