Rumor: Silent Hill PS5 exclusive development studio has changed

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According to the latest rumors, the leaked Silent Hill PS5 exclusive game is now in active development at a different studio.

While an official announcement has yet to be made, rumors and leaks have persistently pointed to a reboot of Silent Hill in development as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Silent Hill fans should consider these leaks and rumors with caution, but they came from fairly reliable sources. And now we can get some idea why it's been taking so long for the supposedly exclusive Silent Hill PS5 game to be revealed to the public.

In a post on Resetera, leaker KatharsisT responded to a question about the status of the PS5 exclusive Silent Hill game. KatharsisT said that the supposed Silent Hill PS5 game was still in development, but that the studio that developed it had changed. They've stopped revealing the name of the new studio working on the Silent Hill PS5 game, and while they haven't said that's why the reveal is taking so long, it can be inferred that the change of studio could very well have something to do with it. that.

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It was never made clear by leaks and rumors that the studio was working on the Silent Hill game for PS5. That said, the prevailing theory was that the game was in development at Sony's Japan Studio, with Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama serving as the game's director. Sony's downsizing of Japan Studio and Toyama forming a new company to work on an original horror IP makes this incredibly unlikely.

Of course, it's possible that Sony's Japan Studio was working on the PS5 exclusive Silent Hill game, but the decision to downsize the studio is what caused the project to be passed on to another developer. This is all just speculation at this point, though, as the Silent Hill PS5 game hasn't been officially announced, and there's no substantial evidence to suggest a secret partnership between Sony and Konami.

If Sony and Konami are working together, however, there will be plenty of correct "leaks" in recent months. Not only are Sony rumored to be working on a Silent Hill PS5 game with Konami, but it's also rumored to be producing a Metal Gear Solid remake. Like the Silent Hill project, the Metal Gear Solid remake is believed to be a PS5 exclusive game that is in active development at Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Demon's Souls remake.

Until an official announcement is made, Silent Hill fans should interpret all of this information with caution.

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