RPGolf Legends Might Be The Mario Golf You Really Want

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Mario Golf: Super Rush was released earlier this year and it was…all right. Really good! But the game's simplistic story mode failed to satisfy fans who craved the full-fledged golf RPG games we got on the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The Indie Golf Story game took the itch off, but it's still a Switch exclusive. Fortunately, RPGolf Legends looks set to fill the void on PC, but with a little more action.

Publisher Kemco debuted the RPGolf Legends trailer during TGS, and it looks like a delightful combination of traditional golf and basically any other mechanic that has appeared in an action-adventure game. There's exploration, crafting and combat in an open world with six main environments, and the trailer even showcases a fishing minigame, the true mark of greatness. Below you can check out the official trailer for the game.

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April 1th 2022

Developer ArcticNet previously released RPGolf on mobile and Steam in 2018, which received mixed reviews. Most of the complaints focused on the game's limited features, which Legends certainly seems to be addressing. Hopefully ArcticNet is finding the right formula for the sequel.

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