Royal Crown is a new battle royale game for iOS, Android and PC with MOBA-style gameplay

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RPG games decided to enter the battle royale genre with the release of this game. It's called Royal Crown and it seems to mix MOBA mechanics with the ever-popular battle royale game mode. It is now available for iOS, Android and PC.

What is Royal Crown?

Royal Crown is a free to play 3D isometric battle royale cross-platform set in a medieval fantasy world. 60 players must loot, gather resources, craft items and eliminate enemies and compete to be the last player alive.

Publishing company: LINE Games
Difficulty: MĂ©dio
Type: 3D Battle Royale
Release date of: April 29th 2020
Advantages: + Quick matches. + Support for cross-play playback (Mobile + PC).
Cons: â€“ Unbalanced matchmaking. + Limited free champions.

Royal Crown Key Features:

  • Fantasia e medieval Battle Royale â€“ 60 players face each other until the last player or squad is left alive on a colorful medieval fantasy island with multiple biomes and inhabited by a variety of unique mobs.
  • choose your champion â€“ choose to fight as one of 15 champions with unique abilities and roles. Play as a tank, warrior, mage, archer, assassin or support.
  • Removal, Collection and Crafting â€“ loot houses, hidden chests and mobs to acquire weapons and equipment for your champion. Trees, crops, and minerals can also be gathered to craft consumables, runes, and other useful items.
  • skins and accessories â€“ stand out from the crowd with hats, face accessories, weapon skins and champion skins.
  • Multi-platform support â€“ play on the go with full cross-platform support for PC, Android and iOS.
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Importantly, Royal Crown is also on PC, because this is LINE Games' first cross-platform title that will feature cross-play. The UI will naturally look a little different between the two versions, but other than that, they hope to deliver the same experience.

60 players will be thrown into the fantasy-themed medieval world to fight heroes alone or as a team, depending on whether you decide to play Solo or Squad Mode. Just like some other games like Overdox, Royal Crown will make use of MOBA game mechanics. 

This means that before entering the battlefield, you will select one of the 15 available champions. Each will come with a passive, three abilities, and a special power (ULT) to use in fights. Players will also be able to become more powerful by hunting monsters and gaining experience from killing them.

There are still some creation elements that are also used. You'll be able to scour the map for various ingredients that can be mixed together to create buffs that can give you an edge in a fight.

There's also the option to hide in the bushes to jump on your opponents or chop down trees to create new paths to ambush any unsuspecting enemies. All of the above is happening as the battle area slowly shrinks. There is certainly a lot to understand in Royal Crown and I am very intrigued to see how all these mechanics blend together.

Royal Crown is now available on the App Store, Google Play and Steam Early Access. It is a free game for in-app purchases.

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