Rocket League Sideswipe: How to spin and roll in the air

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Rocket League's air roll is a basic technique, and the seemingly simpler Rocket League Sideswipe also hides it in your arsenal.

Rocket League It's an extremely popular game, but its success isn't all that surprising. It combines the world's most popular sport with cars, and its toy appearance gives the Rocket League plenty of space for crossover events.

But its success doesn't just come from brands and aesthetics. Rocket League achieves the ideal of easy to learn but hard to master, with an intuitive gameplay system that gives players plenty of fine control.

It's no surprise that Rocket League has a free-to-play mobile spinoff. Rocket league sideswipe looks simpler than its big brother at first, trapped in a 2D plane and lacking Rocket League's 3v3 matches, but this little game hides its own technology, like its version of the iconic air roll.

how to spin in the air

Rocket League sideswipe has a simple control scheme. It has a joystick, a jump button, a boost button and an optional combo boost jump button hidden in the settings.

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To roll in the air, the player only needs to double tap the joystick in one direction. e hold it during the second tap . Once in the air, the car will continuously turn clockwise and will not stop until the stick returns to neutral. Even if the player lands, as long as the stick continues to be held, it will start spinning again the moment it jumps.

Rocket League Sideswipe does not give the same level of ball control as Rocket League, so the player will not be able to use air roll to tilt the ball in the same way. The Sideswipe air roll is more about altering the movement and momentum of the air, as well as the sheer joy of moving in style.

Other tips for Sideswipe

Mastering the air roll is a far cry from mastering the full game. There are many other tools to help increase the player's aerial mobility.

Like Rocket League, Rocket League Sideswipe has flip resets. Players can flip the car horizontally by holding a direction and pressing jump while in the air, but they can only do this once before landing. That said, the game counts landing on the ceiling or walls as a landing, so players can maneuver themselves to reload their flip quickly.

Players can also accelerate their throws from the ground into the air using the aforementioned boost jump. Not only does this overcome the delay of jumping and then boosting, it also makes the player's car fly further. With higher speed and less reaction time, mastering flips and air-rolls to better control the car is a must.

Rocket league sideswipe is now available for Android and iOS.

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