Rocket League Codes [June 2021]: Redeem these codes for free cosmetics

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Here are all the codes Rocket League currently active.

What's the point of spending thousands of hours on Rocket League and being able to pull off that amazing aerial freestyle goal if you don't look your best while doing it? Rocket League codes are a gateway to unlocking all kinds of exclusive cosmetics for free and are incredibly easy to redeem.

Below I'll show you the full list of Rocket League's currently active codes, along with an introduction to what these codes actually do and how to redeem them.


Rocket League became free in 2020 and around the same time they introduced the concept of Rocket League, which are by far the easiest way to unlock free cosmetics for your car and account.

Below are all the currently active Rocket League codes that you can use to get free cosmetics.

Rocket League codes:

  • popcorn - unlocks the popcorn rocket boost
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Most of the codes Rocket League are codes programmed to expire after a certain number of days. To avoid confusion, below is a list of expired codes that no longer work.

Expired Rocket League Codes:

known | couchpotato | r1birthday | r1nitro | sarpbc | shazam | Truffleshuffle | wrestlemania | wwe18 | wwedads


The codes of Rocket League are words or phrases that you can redeem in-game in exchange for free rewards. These rewards come in the form of exclusive cosmetic accessories for your car and/or your account.

These cosmetics range from stickers, wheels and antennas for your car to new titles for your account. You never know what the next code will provide players, so keep an eye on this page for all the latest redeemable items.

You can redeem Rocket League codes in the game's settings menu.

How to redeem Rocket League codes

To redeem a Rocket League code, all you have to do is launch the game and from the main menu go to Settings. In the “Extras” tab at the top, click the top button: “Redeem code”. Then type or paste (using the clipboard button on the right) your code and click “OK” to redeem it.

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