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    RoboCop Mortal Kombat 11 Character: Features

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    About RoboCop

    “Alex Murphy was an obedient police officer who was brutally executed by a local gang. Brought back to life through OCP technology, Murphy was transformed into RoboCop, a highly advanced cyber police officer designed to enforce the law and protect the innocent. Now entering the Mortal Kombat universe, RoboCop has received a few updates and is ready to serve the public, apprehending any Kombatants that stand in its way. "

    RoboCop, formerly of Alex Murphy, is a police officer in a dystopian Detroit of the future who is relocated to Metro West Precinct as part of OCP's effort to restructure the police department. As Alex was killed in service by the Boddicker gang, he is resurrected by OCP executive Bob Morton as RoboCop, OCP's Crime Prevention Unit 001.

    RoboCop at first followed the three guidelines given to him:
    1. “Serve the public trust”
    2. “Protect the innocent”
    3. “Follow the law”
    4. A directive that RoboCop was programmed to ignore unless it became relevant. That directive barred him from arresting any senior OCP employee: "any attempt to arrest a senior OCP employee results in termination." , the only exception being any employee acting against the interests of OCP as a whole, as demonstrated when OCP Vice President Dick Jones was fired by his superior.

    While it didn't actually shut down RoboCop, it inflicted severe pain and stunned RoboCop. Jones stated that Directive 4 was his contribution to the psychological profile of RoboCop in order to protect himself from being arrested for his crimes. This directive failed when Jones held the "Old Man" hostage and was shot by him, allowing RoboCop to kill Jones. Eventually, in the second RoboCop movie, RoboCop received over three hundred directives that change his behavior in certain situations until RoboCop electrocuted himself to get rid of all directives.

    In the 2014 movie RoboCop, RoboCop was named RC-2000, and instead of the original trilogy having Alex Murphy's memories erased to be RoboCop, his memories were still intact. However, this does not mean that he is free from the influence of the OCP. The Doctor. Dennett Norton, the lead scientist for the RoboCop project, can turn off RoboCop at any time he requests it.

    Peter Weller played RoboCop in the first two films of the original trilogy. In the third film, he was played by Robert John Burke. In the television series, as well as its successor, he was portrayed by Richard Eden and Page Fletcher, respectively. In the 2014 remake, he was portrayed by Joel Kinnaman.

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    combat characteristics

    As a human, Alex was known to be an exceptional officer, proficient with firearms and self-defense, and was best known for his ability to stop drug schemes.

    Upon being revived as a cyborg, Alex was equipped with cutting-edge experimental technology. His new body grants him enhanced strength as well as making him bulletproof, making him essentially invincible against conventional firearms. His optics have also been greatly improved, now able to zoom and enhance images or even perfectly calculate the bullet trajectory, allowing him to hit and kill a target without injuring any hostages. It was also equipped with the ability to record and store data from hard drives with a wrist spike, which was sharp enough to be used as an improvised short-range weapon.

    While RoboCop is capable of deftly wielding any firearm with little effort, he is rarely seen without his signature Auto-9, an exceptionally powerful weapon with a rapid-fire burst of three bullets, holstered inside his left thigh. He is also equipped with a weapon set, called a "firearm", which replaces his left hand when in use; This set contains a 9mm machine gun, a flamethrower, and a small, arm-mounted missile launcher. His in-game appearance allows him a charge in the form of dueling shoulder and rocket tube dispensers. The RoboCop is also equipped with a jetpack to improve its somewhat average mobility, though it can also double up as a charging unit should the RoboCop run low on battery power. In Mortal Kombat 11, he is also equipped with a riot shield, high-powered flamethrower, foot razor stilettos, and grenades, as well as the Cobra assault cannon from the first film.

    Despite all of RoboCop's technological advances, it requires regular maintenance and adjustments from time to time. In addition, their organ systems also needed to be monitored; therefore, the scientists who worked with him, such as Dr. Lazarus, would have to monitor both systems during their rest periods.

    RoboCop is also impeded by a number of physical drawbacks. Much like a Terminator, it can be reprogrammed; This means that, should RoboCop fall into the wrong hands, he could be programmed to be an incompetent, corrupt official, or a dangerous threat to society. As he is still partially human, he needs sustenance, needing to be regularly fed baby formula due to his inability to digest food efficiently. The large amount of experimental machinery that RoboCop carries makes its movement slow and awkward, as opposed to fast and natural human movement.

    Also, while he was inherently programmed with three directives (serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law), shady business led to the programming of a fourth secret directive. This policy prevents you from directly harming or taking action against any member of the OCP team; this will result in a forced shutdown or incapacitation, although RoboCop has been shown to be able to move in this state. If an OCP member is fired, with or without due process, RoboCop has free rein to act against the fired member (as shown in the final scene of the original RoboCop during Dick Jones' death). This directive, however, has been removed.

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