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A megacity of people visited the Ready Player Two space in the popular crafting game.

If the number of visitors to digital spaces is any guide, the science fiction novel Ready Player Two has built a fan base. This week, over 28 million players visited the Ready Player Two hub in the block crafting game Roblox.

The Roblox space has become popular since its November 2020 launch, offering in-game goodies and themed events after the novel. For example, whoever enters the hub will win a digital book to wear on their head (yes, you read that right), in addition to a shirt. 

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Additionally, the hub presents players with a set of puzzles to complete and relics to earn, and if all seven relics are collected, players can pick up a digital pair of META Shades. There are also a handful of themed items available in the in-game store. Finally, you can also watch a Q&A with the novel's author, Ernest Cline, on the hub.

Arte do hub Player Two do Roblox.

The event was originally planned as a promotional campaign for the novel, airing ahead of the book's release. He granted a handful of special items to the first set of players to finish the games. Despite the novel being released in November 2020, the event has continued and has proven to retain a strong user base.

Ready Player Two was released to commercial success despite a lukewarm critical reception. Cline confirmed in December that a film adaptation was already in the works. Meanwhile, Roblox remains one of the most popular games in the world with around 200 million active users. However, in contrast to extremely strong revenue, Roblox is still unprofitable.

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