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Want some free rewards in this experience Roblox? Get your virtual fists ready and grab all the latest codes from Anime Punching Simulator in our guide

January 29, 2022:  we added many new codes Anime Punching Simulator

There is no end to the wild and wacky experiences you can find at Roblox . One of the craziest is the Anime Punching Simulator, which, you guessed it, is all about punching. Punch to your heart's content to gain energy, use that energy to get gems, then use those gems to get boosts and travel to different islands. A lot of possibilities.

Made by AtanHero, the creator of Anime Attack Simulator, we clearly have an anime fan on our hands (or should we say fists?). With our practical guide, you can find out what are the Codes of Anime Punching Simulator , what they do and how to rescue them, so read on below.

We will update this page whenever there is new code, so be sure to keep it bookmarked and check back regularly. 

Once you have filled in the codes for the Anime Punching Simulator, why not check out our other codes Roblox anime related? We have Anime Fighting Simulator codes, Anime Training Simulator codes and even Anime Attack Simulator codes. That's more than enough anime for you to enjoy.


Active codes:

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  • 15K LIKES â€“ free boost
  • 4MVISITS â€“ free pack
  • 2MVISITS â€“ free boost
  • 10K LIKES â€“ two power boosts
  • 5K LIKES â€“ free reward
  • 1MVISITS â€“ free reward
  • MASTER (MPS) - free energy
  • 500KVISITS â€“ two power boosts
  • 250KVISITS â€“ two power boosts
  • 80KVISITS â€“ two practice boosters
  • 1K LIKES â€“ two power boosts
  • RELEASE â€“ 250 energy

Expired codes:
There are currently no expired codes from Punch Anime Simulator.


Anime Punching Simulator codes give you some freebies in this anime-inspired Roblox experience. With these free energy boosts you will have the strongest virtual fists out there.


Redeeming Anime Punching Simulator codes is super simple, just follow these steps:

  • Open anime drilling simulator
  • Press the chat icon on the left side
  • Enter your code and click 'redeem'
  • Enjoy your freebies!

Easy as delicious anime pie. Once you get all your Anime Punching Simulator codes, we have a lot more promo codes than Roblox to help you mix things up.

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