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    Riot Is Planning To Create Dedicated Tournament Servers For Valorant

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    Like its Riot Games cousin League of Legends, Valorant will soon have dedicated tournament servers. These servers will reduce the risk of patch rollback and the publisher can have more time to test updates.

    Unlike League of Legends, the other game from Riot Games, Valorant does not yet have its dedicated tournament servers. And the lack of these servers has given rise to various issues during competitive games and also in standard combo.

    Riot recently had to roll back the Valorant 1.11 patch as soon as it was deployed, as the update came with a variety of game-breaking bugs that made the shooter unplayable. To make matters worse, it was dropped when the NSG First Strike qualifiers were on the way, and going ahead with the patch would have been a nightmare for the game's competitive integrity.

    League of Legends, on the other hand, has its dedicated tournament servers. Even if a patch falls in the middle of an LEC or LCK split, players will not play the latest versions until the patch is fully tested for competitive play. Players still play in the previous update, and any new changes take at least a week to enter live tournaments.

    Likewise, Valorant urgently needs a dedicated tournament server so patch rollbacks don't keep happening. And it looks like Riot is working on creating one in the coming months.

    In the recent Ask Valorant-Nov. 19, developers at Riot started talking about how a dedicated tournament server would come to the game soon.

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    When answering the question, “Have you considered having certain patches for existing tournaments on your own servers?”, Riley Yurk, Valorant Esport Manager and Strategist, said:

    “Tournament Realms (basically a private server) is something we are actively pursuing and coming soon. For First Strike, we were planning on just using a separate patch line (consider this Tournament Realm-lite) for the main event, but we ended up releasing it too early to allow tournaments to continue in the same patch they started. This has allowed us to keep eSports a separate patch from live and is something we are bringing globally to the First Strike main event, December 3-6.”

    It's true that Valorant's eSports scene hasn't fully taken off, and Riot still relies on third-party organizers to select teams for its first official tournament, First Strike.

    Yurk continued:

    “In the future, we will have fully emptied Tournament Realms, which will give us even more control over the environment in which eSports is played. We will have specific rules about which patches can be used in certain tournaments to help create the best environment for competitive play. We are extremely focused on competitive integrity and will continue to adapt our plans in collaboration with developers and players.”

    In the latest Ask Valorant blog, the developers at Riot went over many changes that the game will see in upcoming updates. And fans must be pretty excited about the plans the developers have for the game.

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