Riot announces launch of Valorant Competitive Mode

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Riot Games has finally revealed, on June 22, 2020, everything players need to know about Valorant's competitive mode, which should be released later this week, in patch 1.02.

The update from Valorant Senior Producer Ian “BrightEyz” Fielding also revealed the new name for the top ranking in Valorant, which during the beta was confusing as it was also called Valorant. The new name is Radiant. Also, the icons of all rank emblems has been updated.

Below you can see how the new Valorant rank emblems look like.

About this change, the producer was said that “While we still really like having our top rank as something unique to our game and in line with our IP, we've decided to remove Valorant as the name of our top rank to help reduce potential confusion between the game and ranking”. "The new name for our top rank will represent Powered Agents known as Radiant."

The team also revealed that major changes have been made to the placement matches you will play and what happens if you want to play with friends who have a better or worse skill level than you in-game.

During your placement matches, you will now be able to play with friends even if there is some ranking distance between you. Only the most extreme rating discrepancies will be prevented by the game.

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The new competitive mode will also have additional improvements to ensure that matches with friends playing together are as even as possible. At the highest levels, this is difficult, but Riot is sure they are slowly breaking even in the lower, more populated queues.

“We truly believe in Valorant team play, playing and competing with your friends,” Fielding said. “Therefore, we've made it easier to play with teammates across placements and will continue to work to further optimize balanced matches, regardless of their pre-made size. This is an ongoing commitment from us. ”

The team also revealed that over the course of each act, which will typically last two months, you'll be able to track your ranked progress and, hopefully, in the future, other states, such as wins and losses, and how many wins you've scored at the highest rank.

Finally, they showed some features that may come in the future, such as customer tournaments and fairer overtime options in ranked matches.

“Our vision for the future highlights team performance as a critical part of Valorant's competitive ecosystem,” said Fielding. “We want to create the opportunity for all players to come together and compete as a high-stakes team, with the hope that these team-driven competitive games will be memorable and rewarding events.”

The ranking mode in Valorant is expected to be released later this week, along with the 1.02 update.

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