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    RimWorld: 7 tips for getting components

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    Source: Ludeon Studios

    There are many tips players can use to help them obtain components in RimWorld. Here are some of the best. There are many tips players can use to help them obtain components in RimWorld. Here are some of the best.

    rimworld is a challenging and relentless survival game in which you control a group of colonists trying to establish themselves on a mysterious and restless planet. The game can have a steep learning curve, but it's fantastic for storytelling.

    Once you've learned the basics of how the game is played, you can focus on other critical parts of Rimworld. Specific materials and tools soon become vital when trying to survive the harsh reality of living in Rimworld. One of the most essential items to collect are the components . 

    Components are used to build and repair various electrical devices . They are also used for weapons de fire and ship parts . You always need a good supply, but unfortunately, the components can become hard to find , especially in the later stages of the game. So where can you find components in the first place?

    7 | Mine all nearby compact machines

    Source: Ludeon Studios

    When setting up your base for the first time, you will likely notice several areas that you can explore. It is essential to extract as much as you can from the hills and mountains around your settlement. Are you looking for compact machines . They usually come in small groups of about six . You can identify the compact machinery by its light brown color, with small smudges on the wall.

    When extracted, the Compact Machinery generally provides two components . It's not much, so it's vital to search the entire map for every piece you find. This will give you an excellent starting supply of components. But that supply obviously won't last long.

    6 | Deconstruct ship pieces

    Source: Ludeon Studios

    You can find Ship Chunks scattered randomly all over the isometric world you are looking at. These are broken green chunks that are quite visible on the map. You can send a colonist to deconstruct them and produce about eight or nine components .

    If you're playing the Crashlanded Scenario , some pieces will have fallen with you. You can deconstruct them right away. Also, be on the lookout for mini-events that mention that a piece of spaceship fell from space . Examine the map and you should be able to find them.

    5 | Don't go after mechanoids

    Sometimes during this chaotic strategy game, you may encounter dangerous mechs. take down these beasts I used to render some more useful components. All you needed was a machining table and you could deconstruct a defeated mechanoid. These days, that's no longer the case. .

    You can still grind mechanoids to get steel and plasteel, which can be useful. But you will not receive any more components for your efforts . So it's probably worth staying away from these mechs rather than risking your colonist's life by fighting them. Either way, there are much better options for finding components.

    4 | Create your own on a crafting bench

    Source: Ludeon Studios

    As with many tasks in this survival game, sometimes it's best to do things yourself. Instead of spending hours looking for components, you can just make your own. 

    To do this, first, you will need to unlock the Crafting Bench . This requires you to search for Microelectronics followed by multi-analyzer and finally, Construction & Real Estate . The bench itself requires 200 Steel, 12 components and two advanced components . Also, a colonist will need a building level six to handle the construction.

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    Once built, you can configure a Manufacturing Component Design , and a colonist with a eight craft skill will be able to transform 12 pieces of steel in one component . It is fair trade and a trusted source of components. 

    Late in the game, you may start to run out of steel. Therefore, it is better to invest in some deep drilling to find additional steel in the ground . Deep Drill requires searching for Deep Drilling after the multi-analyzer is unlocked. The drill is built with 100 steel and two components and can be reused multiple times to handle more terrain.

    | Set up a second colony exclusively for mining

    Source: Ludeon Studios

    Rimworld is an unlimited sandbox game. You can send a caravan of settlers in addition to your initial plot of land . Sending a group of settlers can be a risk. You'll need make sure they have enough supplies to survive the journey, including medicine and food. 

    To assemble a caravan, go to the world map and click on your colony . Select Form Caravan and make sure your best miners join the expedition. Right click on the map to set a destination and the settlers will immediately prepare for the journey.

    This tactic works best once you've made sure your home base is very secure and self-sufficient. As long as the caravan is prepared, you can head out to a nearby mountain hex on the map and establish a temporary colony

    Set up a small camp and task your colonists with mining all the compact machinery and ship parts that they can find in this new location. Once you've stocked up, you can go home with an excellent stock of components.

    2 | Always buy components from merchants

    Source: Ludeon Studios

    You are not alone in this dystopian landscape. Often you will get random visitors and caravans that will pass by and are very willing to do business with you. 

    Bulk Goods Trader and the Exotic Goods Trader , in particular, are great for components. Whenever a trader is visiting, you should check if it has any components and buy as much as you can . Components should be your priority when it comes to trading. Sell ​​everything you can to pay more, like fancy pieces of art your settlers made.

    If there are not many merchants visiting, you can build a communication console to encourage more people to visit . after searching microelectronics , the Comms Console can be built with 120 steel, four components and a building skill level of five . 

    A colonist can use it to contact other factions and merchant ships. With allied factions in particular, you will be able to request trade caravans to come your way .

    | Don't waste the few components you have

    Source: Ludeon Studios

    Components are used for a wide variety of reasons. When your various equipment is damaged (which can happen often), components are used to repair it. If you're not careful, all its components can be used quickly . 

    So it's a good idea to be careful how you use them. Consider which electronic items are a priority and build them first . You can also prevent colonists from touching certain supplies to ensure you always have some emergency safe components.

    You can also download useful mods to help relieve the stress of how many components you are using in your colony. Take a look at the Steam Workshop and download the one that best suits you. some mods add more components to the world . other mods reduce manufacturing cost for building components .

    Mods are a good last resort, but as long as you take care of your supply, constantly buying from merchants and crafting your own as much as possible, you'll always be prepared.

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