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Riot Games will be officially stepping into the first-person shooter genre when Valorant hits the market on June 2, 2020. This title is a character-based tactical FPS game where two teams of five compete to eliminate each other and be crowned. victorious. Along with the game's launch, Riot Games also announced the launch of yet another agent, named Reyna. In this article we have everything we know about Reyna today.

Valorant Queen

According to Riot Games' official description of this agent, “Forged in the heart of Mexico, Reyna dominates a single combat, spawning with every kill she hits. Her ability is only limited by her raw skill, making her highly performance dependent. Reyna has the passive ability of Soul Harvest, enemies killed by Reyna leave behind Soul Orbs that last for 3 seconds. Soul Harvest's abilities consist of Devour and Dismiss, which have a shared-use pool.”

Riot Games also revealed that this character is from Mexico.

Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

Players who choose to play as Reyna will have four different abilities that they can use to help themselves or their teammates and get every advantage they can in a match. You can find the skills and their official descriptions below:

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  • Dismiss – Consume the life force of a dead enemy to become invisible and invulnerable for a short time.
  • Devour – Consume the life force of a dead enemy to restore their health.
  • Signature Ability: Leer – Send out a destructible, Ethereal Orb that targets any enemy that looks at it.
  • Ultimate Ability: Empress – Enter a heightened state of bloodlust, giving you higher fire rate and making enemies easier to see for the entire duration. Killing the opponent resets the cooldown.
Reproduction: Facebook Valorant Spain official Riot Games

Valorant's official Twitter account released a gameplay video showing Reyna utilizing her various abilities in a match where viewers can see just how useful this character can be when he's used his full potential. You can find this gameplay video for Reyna below:

REYNA /// Mexico
"What hope do these criaturas have?"#VALORANT

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 30, 2020

Do you want to know more about Valorant, in addition to all the currently known information about Reyna? In that case, check out our dedicated page with the latest news for the high-profile game.

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