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    Returnal: How to unlock and use the 'Hook'

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    The hook can be a real life protection in the return, here's how to unlock and make the best use of it.

    No return the Grappling hook is a permanent upgrade that you can unlock, like the Atropian Sword. It allows you to reach new areas, which will often have very useful items for you to use during a run. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Grappling Hook, including how to unlock and use it.


    Source: Return

    Grappling Hook is unlocked after defeating ixion, the head of Crimson Waste. This is the second boss in Returnal, which you will fight after defeating phrike nose Overgrown Ruins.

    You can find Ixion by looking for a red door icon on your map. This indicates that you have found a boss room. Find the red door in the Crimson Wastes to locate Ixion.

    After defeating Ixion, a cutscene will begin, during which Selene will get the Grappling Hook. It will be permanently added to your inventory after this cutscene.


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    Source: Return

    The Grappling Hook can be used to pull in towards certain points. They are identified by bright orange lights. You can find these points on the edge of certain areas or between two ledges.

    When you see a grapple point, point the camera towards the light and press the triangle. Selene will connect to the light and crawl towards it. This allows you to reach high platforms ou turn over large openings.


    Source: Return

    The Grappling Hook is extremely useful when exploring Atropos. If you can see an item on your minimap but don't know how to reach it, look for the characteristic orange light that marks the fight points. They may be well hidden, but they are certainly worth looking for.

    The Grappling Hook is also extremely useful during combat. If you're overpowered by enemies or come across a particularly tough beast that you don't recognize, look for a grapple point. This will give you time and space to plan a strategy for your battle or to escape and find a safe place.

    If you want to correr quickly by Returnal to reach a biome posterior , the Grappling Hook is an excellent way to get through areas. You can easily make your way through entire rooms by fighting to the other side, then quickly run through a door to avoid enemies. Since enemies don't follow you through closed doors, you can use this to keep moving between dangerous locations until you find another biome.

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