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Parasites tend to be an entirely negative thing, however in Returnal it's a bit of a trade-off. Even so, players may need to remove them eventually.

While the parasites in our world can be tiny and need a doctor to remove them, gamers of return will have a very different experience with them. These gigantic parasites can be seen clinging to Selene's arm and back. They will have a positive effect and a negative effect. Players will have to decide if they are worth keeping based on their preferences. However, when a player needs to remove one, he may need a little help.

In total, there are nine different parasites that players can contract throughout the world of Returnal. These include Withering Rot, Brittle Needletooth, Caustics Goldstalker, Destabilizing Wiretail, Oddkeeper Distracting, Festering Lockfeeder, Jolting Silver Silverskin, Malicious Sagetooth, and Oily Rotnose. Players can also collect several different parasites at once, but unless they have the Progenitor Egg, Unfed Pod, Pulsating Mass, or Whispering Cocoon, this is unlikely to be desired. For those looking to remove creatures, there are two main ways players can remove them.

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How to remove one or all parasites in Returnal

The two main ways a player can remove their little parasites is through the Parasite Extractor or using a Slayer Ball. The positive side of these two things is that they reproduce in all biomes. So no matter how early or late a player is in the game, he will still be able to remove his parasites. However, since Returnal is procedurally generated, these things never appear in the same place. Making this one of the hardest things to accomplish in the game as time and patience won't have a place in everyone's game. The parasite extractor is significantly easier to find as one will be in each biome. They also offer a bonus when used, gifting the player with a random Obolite for each parasite. Whereas Slayer Spheres are not guaranteed to be in any of the biomes. Though they can spawn randomly in any biome. As consumables, they should still be fairly easy to find all over the world. However, this also means that the player removes all of their parasites without choice,

The other reason players might want to remove their parasites is the bonuses that specific artifacts give them for doing so. These types of artifacts include the Progenitor Egg and the Pulsating Mass. Pulsating Mass causes the player to improve their Maximum Integrity whenever they gain or remove a parasite. The Progenitor Egg, on the other hand, causes the player to repair their integrity by gaining or removing a parasite.

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