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    Resident Evil Village: which items to sell

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    When buying and selling items in Resident Evil: Village, there are certain things that must be abandoned, some of which must never be undone.

    Resident evil village had a very successful launch. In fact, the newest installment in the long-running Resident Evil series has had its biggest Twitch release ever. One of the reasons the game has become so popular is that it has managed to blend new aspects with older ones very well. While the ability to purchase items isn't an entirely new feature, it has gained a new twist in the Village.

    By visiting the merchant version of Resident Evil Village – known as The Duke – players can buy and sell items to increase their inventory. While this feature allows players to get some really good items or get rid of some really good items, there are some things users should never sell and others that are worth getting rid of in the game.

    The first key to knowing which items to sell is that players are obviously not going to want to sell anything that is important to them over the course of Resident Evil Village's story. The good news is that users don't have to worry about selling items they shouldn't be getting rid of. The game will not allow these players to sell these items.

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    There are essentially three different types of things users can choose from. There are standard use items, "core items" for any story items like keys or puzzle pieces that will actually allow players to move from one story point to another and treasure. It is the treasure that must be sold to The Duke so that you can purchase other items in the RE Village. These treasure items are subdivided into their own categories.

    These items are divided into subcategories because while treasure items can be sold, they shouldn't. In the store itself, players will see that there are three distinct categories of treasure. There is “valuable”, “very valuable” or “combinable”. If someone has "combinable" items in their stash, even if they are salable, they should be kept as they can be quite useful as the user progresses through the story.

    The best-selling items will be those that are “valuable” or “very valuable” to the market. Getting enough money in the game will allow players who want to go through Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village have a better chance of success. Succeeding in the game in general means not selling items that might be useful in any other part of the story.

    Resident Evil Village will be  released May 7 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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