Resident Evil Village: The Weapons You Should Sell and When to Sell Them

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Resident Evil Village can be a challenge on the first playthrough, so it helps to know which weapons to hold and for how long.

The weapon upgrade isn't exactly a staple of Resident Evil, but it's an iconic and beloved mechanic that manages to pop up every now and then. Resident Evil Village brings weapon upgrades back, but not exactly better than ever. The weapon upgrades in Resident Evil 4 were designed in such a way that late-game weapons weren't inherently better than early-game weapons. The update ensures that there was merit in any weapon, along with granting unique effects.

This is not the case with Resident Evil Village, where newer weapons are often clearly better than their predecessors. However, all of this means that smart players can periodically upgrade their weapons and switch to a newer mode when appropriate. The Duke's Emporium is a very player-friendly shop and any weapon you upgrade will have its sale value increased.

By fully upgrading a weapon and then selling it to the Duke, you can invest in an entirely new weapon with immediate upgrades. That said, it's not advisable to give up your weapons right away. Resident Evil Village can be a challenge on the first playthrough, so it helps to know which weapons to hold and for how long. 

LEMI Handgun (After Dimistrecu Castle) 

Starting Pistol Ethan, the LEMI Handgun will be your primary weapon when entering Castle Dimistrecu. While naturally on the weak side, the LEMI makes up for its shortcomings with a high shot count and decent rate of fire. While you might be tempted to keep the LEMI up to date and hold on to it, the weapon starts to lose its value mid-game and never fully recovers from there.

The fact is, the LEMI's damage output is very low for any encounter beyond the Lake, and even that strains things. The Stronghold in particular is a nightmare waiting to happen if you're still representing LEMI as your weapon. To find the M1911, head to the Vila Oficinas area after leaving Castelo Dimistrecu and enter this code in the safe in the northwest house: 070408. Feel free to trade at LEMI once you have the M1911 and use the profits to Updates. 

Pistol M1911 (Na Fábrica De Heisenberg)

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The M1911 will remain your primary weapon for a good part of the game from here on out, but it starts to lose its value in the last act. Enemies in the factory are too tough for the M1911's damage output. The V61 Custom Handgun is unlocked once you find Duke inside Heisenberg's Factory and is the strongest pistol in the game. 

The V61 Custom Handgun costs 180000 Lei to buy, but your M1911 should be upgraded enough for your exchange to cover the costs. You may have to persist with a V61 without upgrade for a little while, but ultimately it's a much stronger weapon than the M1911 and will be very useful for the final set of fights. 

M1897 AND W870 TAC Shotguns (At Heisenberg Factory)

The M1897 shotgun and the W870 shotgun are found so close together that both weapons are a viable option. While the W870 shotgun is technically stronger, the M1897 is slightly faster and has better handling. Choose a shotgun to upgrade, but hold on to both until you reach the Heisenberg factory (a spare shotgun stashed in your shortcut can come in handy when your main shotgun runs out of ammo). 

As with the V61 Custom Handgun, finding the Duke inside Heisenberg's Factory unlocks the SYG-12 Shotgun for purchase. The SYG-12 shotgun costs 180000 Lei, but is easily the best shotgun in the game. Selling the two shotguns together – especially if one is fully upgraded – should get you the funds for a SYG-12 shotgun. 

M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum (New Game Plus)

The W1851 Wolfsbane Magnum is the strongest weapon players will encounter during their first playthrough, but it can also be lost. If you manage to unlock the M1851 Wolfsbane, be sure to start upgrading it on your first New Game Plus cycle. It may take some time, but eventually your Magnum will sell for a high enough value to help you buy the 300.000 STOCK.

The STAKE is a hyper-powered Magnum and may well be Resident Evil Village's strongest weapon. It packs a big punch, has a high clip count for a Magnum and a very generous rate of fire. The price is expensive, but an updated Wolfsbane will end up cutting the difference. 

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