Resident Evil Village Reveals Why Ethan's Hands Can Take So Much Damage

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A pivotal scene at the end of Resident Evil Village explains why protagonist Ethan Winters can take a comical amount of damage and reconnect limbs.

One thing fans might notice in  Resident evil village  is the absurd amount of damage its main protagonist, Ethan Winters, can withstand. Despite being just a regular guy who stumbled into a strange world after searching for his missing girlfriend, Ethan has the ability to reconnect limbs and survive things that would kill a normal person. So how is he able to take so much damage?

[Warning: Major spoilers for Resident Evil Village below]

Toward the end of Resident Evil Village, it is revealed that Ethan is quite a special individual, just like the rest of the Winters family. After having his fingers gnawed by a werewolf, having his hand cut off, having his heart literally ripped out, and a host of other injuries, it's easy to imagine what exactly is wrong with Ethan, given that he's capable of surviving injuries to people. normal would not.

Resident Evil heroes have a long history of surviving intense encounters and doing extraordinary things. The difference is that Ethan is not a special ops soldier or even just a really skilled police officer. So his abilities are a little disconcerting. It's easy to describe this as plot armor, but there's a real reason why Resident Evil Village's protagonist is virtually invincible.

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April 1th 2022

Why Ethan can withstand so much damage in Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters in Resident Evil Village is still figuring out some of the repercussions of events in Resident Evil 7. As explained by Eveline, Ethan was actually killed by Jack Baker relatively early on in Resident Evil 7, but returned as one of the Shaped after heavy exposure to the substance in Louisiana. He's obviously not been as impacted as the Baker family, as he hasn't lost his sanity and isn't covered in disgusting black goo. This really only benefited him until the end of the Village, as it allowed him to take major damage and even reconnect his limbs.

Interestingly, this isn't entirely unique to Ethan's appearance in Resident Evil Village. Resident Evil 7 may have triggered Winters' mutation. In the 2017 title, Ethan could have his foot cut off on rare occasions by Jack Backer and Shaped creatures. In Jack Baker's case, he can cut off Ethan's foot in a random scripted sequence and then he'll taunt him with first-aid medication from across the room, making Ethan crawl over there before reattaching his member with the medicine. liquid . The same thing can happen to Shaped enemies in a less planned way, simply allowing the player to use whatever first-aid meds to reattach Ethan's severed foot.

It's unclear if this was always part of Capcom's plans or if it was just incredibly convenient for their new story, but according to rumors,  Resident evil village  is the middle chapter of a new trilogy with Resident Evil 9 already underway. It's entirely possible that Capcom planned a story for Ethan Winters and his family from the start to allow for a natural arc to unfold over the course of three games. Whether or not this goes into the next game with Ethan's daughter Rose Winters as the protagonist remains to be seen.

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