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    Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun

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    The shotgun remains a staple weapon in the Resident Evil franchise, and here's its location in Resident Evil Village.

    Resident evil village is finally here, serving as the latest installment in the long-running survival horror franchise. As seen in trailers and gameplay demos, Resident Evil Village follows the format of Resident Evil 7, where players face its many horrors and challenges in first-person view.

    Like its predecessor, Resident Evil Village returns to its survival horror roots, and as such, weapons and ammo will be minimal. Despite this, Resident Evil Village still features a wide array of weapons players can use at their disposal, including the iconic shotgun. Since the first Resident Evil game, the shotgun has been a staple weapon in the series, and some players won't even trade it in for any new weapons they pick up along the way.

    While Resident Evil Village is full of tense and terrifying moments, its combat is more fast-paced, especially when compared to Resident Evil 7, thanks to the many monsters players will encounter, such as Lycans and vampires and the ever-popular Lady Dimitrescu. Luckily for players, the shotgun can be obtained early in the game and players won't even need to solve puzzles or have important items to obtain it.

    Resident Evil Village Shotgun Location

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    To get the shotgun, players will have to head to East Old Town, the area after the red gate that requires pliers to open. Upon reaching this location, Ethan will be attacked by several Lycans, and once he takes them out, there will be a brief moment of suspension. Players will still see Lycans around the area, but they will not attack at this time. The shotgun is located in the westernmost house in East Old Town. Players will be able to locate this house easily by looking for a set of stairs leading up to its entrance.

    The shotgun is located in the kitchen of the house, just lying on a table. Lycans that players have spotted before will begin attacking the house, and players will have to choose between using the shotgun or the gun to survive the ordeal. The encounter will be quite intense as players will face off against several Lycans and encounter a mutated human who carries a giant hammer. If players manage to survive without picking up the shotgun, they can walk to the house to get it without wasting their ammo.

    However, given the intensity of the first encounter with the Lycans, players could easily miss the shotgun. It's worth knowing that once Ethan enters Dimitrescu Castle, he won't be able to return to the village until much later in the game.

    Losing the shotgun early on can be problematic, as Castle Dimitrescu has multiple enemies inside and a big boss fight. For players who already find themselves in this situation, they can hold out until they can return to the village or buy Duke's shotgun, which can be found inside the castle. Of course, the latter option would cost players a few Lei.

    Resident Evil Village já is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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