Resident Evil Village: How to get the Long Barrel for Wolfsbane Magnum

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Players can use this Resident Evil Village short guide to find the location of the long-barreled attachment to the Wolfsbane Magnum.

Resident Evil Village puts players back in the shoes of Ethan Winters as he searches for his missing daughter and uncovers the mysteries surrounding him and his family. Like other Resident Evil games, Village has a variety of weapons for players to find, both in the castle and in the village area.

One of the useful weapons in the game is the Wolfsbane Magnum, which players can learn by following this guide here. However, picking up the long-barreled magnum attachment will ensure players can deal maximum damage.

Where to Find Cano Logo For Wolfsbane In Resident Evil Village

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The annex can be found in the Heisenberg Factory, in a room labeled 'Operation Room' on the map, which is north of the Heisenberg Blocks. Once the power is turned back on, Resident Evil Village players will be able to find the location and retrieve the rare item from a silver suitcase after fighting one of those powerful enemies with big drills.

For players who need help finding the operating room, please follow these steps below:

  • Starting in the room with the smelting machine, players must face the machine and then go left to go up two flights of stairs.
  • Once in the next room, go through the door that has a green light next to it. Players will need to interact with the button for the door to open.
  • Go to the back room (where a lockpick and ammo can be found), and then move closer to the door at the back of this room. Before players can get to him, a monster will appear and can be defeated by shooting its glowing red dot on its chest.
  • After players defeat him, they just need to enter the small room the enemy came from to find a suitcase with Dogkill Barrel. Players can equip the custom part from the inventory screen.

The image above will also show players the exact location of the room in the Heisenberg Factory in Resident Evil Village. Hopefully, this guide takes players one step closer to getting every item in the game and fully completing it, or just helps players get a really powerful weapon. Either way, the magnum is a great tool for taking down the game's final boss.

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