Resident Evil Village: How to get the Lightsaber (Lightsaber)

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Resident Evil Village features a lightsaber-inspired melee weapon, and here are all the steps players must complete to obtain the special weapon.

Much like its predecessors, Resident evil village offers players a wide variety of weapons, from pistols to rocket launchers, as well as some special weapons. One of the most exciting special weapons in the game is the LZ Answerer, which is basically a lightsaber that players can use to hack and blast their way through Resident Evil Village.

However, eager fans who want to get their hands on LZ Answerer right away should know that it can only be obtained after players are able to finish the main story once alongside completing additional conditions. Of all the weapons available in Resident Evil Village, it seems the LZ Answerer is one of the hardest to get, and here's a rundown on how to get it.

How to Get the Lightsaber (LZ Answerer) in Resident Evil Village

As mentioned earlier, the first step is for players to complete the main story of Resident Evil Village. After completing the game, players will be able to unlock the Extra Content Store, where they must purchase Mercenaries Mode for 100 Challenge Points (CP). While completing the game rewards players with tons of CP, some may end up spending all of their points on other items before being able to purchase Mercenary Mode. If this happens, players can simply return to the main campaign and redo certain tasks to gain CP.

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After purchasing Mercenaries Mode, players must complete all levels of the mode with an SS rating or higher. Fortunately, players can simply replay any level in Mercenary Mode until they reach the required rank. This part can be a lengthy process that would require players to level up repeatedly to reach SS rank. Once the player successfully completes all levels in Mercenaries mode at SS rank, a message will appear saying that players can now get LZ Answerer from the Extra Content Shop.

To purchase the LZ Answerer, players must go to Bonuses from the main menu and select Extra Content Shop. From there, they will see the LZ Answerer categorized as a special weapon that is available for purchase for 70.000 CP.

As per the weapon's official description, the LZ Answerer is a charged particle blade developed by the BSAA. Once purchased, players can simply return to the game and purchase it from The Duke. The LZ Answerer can be customized and players can select lightsaber colors such as red, blue and green. It might not be the most powerful weapon in the game, but it can kill most Lycans with two attacks.

Resident Evil Village já is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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