Resident Evil Village: How to get a Waterwheel weapon (grenade launcher)

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The grenade launcher can be an invaluable weapon in Resident Evil: Village. See how you can find it.

Face it, in Resident Evil Village, as in many other video games, weapons are all variants of each other with slightly different stats. Even the big games can do little more than give each weapon a different feel, recoil, and firing pattern. So for a game that isn't trying to be the next Fate, players don't expect a weapon to appear that takes it down.

And then the grenade launcher appears and defies all expectations. Officially called the GM 79, this weapon changes the entire look of the game. The average pistol does somewhere between 100 and 200 damage to a single target, while this crossbow does four-digit numbers in a huge radius. Even on the hardest settings, this will flatten a group of zombies with a single hit and take out the toughest bosses in just a few shots.

Prerequisites Before Finding

  • Must have the unborn four-winged key

The game has no level control, but it does have plot control. Essentially, certain secret areas, items, and stashes cannot be found to some extent in the game. Although some of the items unfortunately cannot be reached until the final moments, luckily the grenade launcher can be acquired halfway through the main storyline of the game, right after escaping the dollhouse .

Where to Enter the Area

  • Go to the Altar
  • Go through the gate to the south

Without revealing any spoilers, the Altar is the area where players will place the main plot objectives in a container. The Duke will have a shop installed here. It is on the west side of the village and players will have to go through it to get in and out of the path that leads to Donna Beneviento (the lady of the dollhouse).

The south gate is locked for the first part of the game, but can be accessed after combining the key pieces to make the Four-Winged Unborn Key.

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The Path To The Waterwheel Weapon, Also Known As The Grenade Launcher

  • Go to the treasure icon on the map
  • Use Iron Badge Key on door
  • Take the grenade launcher from the table

The Duke was nice enough to label this location on the map with a large treasure chest. But if it was easily accessible, there would be no reason for him to be so specific about the location.

Players will know they are heading in the right direction if they are attacked by a zombie that resembles a wolf with all molars. After a scene where it looks like poor Ethan is about to die, the journey can continue.

The body of water is shallow enough to be crossed without the need for a boat or bridge, so don't let the river keep the prize out of reach.

The house will be locked, but players will have the Iron Insignia Key at this point. The symbol on the door matches the one on the key, so no one should have to look through an entire key ring to find the right one to use.

After all that, it's finally time for the easy part. The GM 79 is on the table in front of Ethan and it's as simple as picking it up. Most players will have already found ammo for this weapon by this point in the game, and with a nasty zombie dog around, they'll have the perfect time to use it quickly.

Have fun making zombie pieces in Resident Evil Village with this beauty!

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