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    Resident Evil Village: Como Due to a Magnum

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    In Resident Evil Village, there's one part of the arsenal players won't want to skip, one of which is Moreau's hidden weapon, the Magnum.

    Resident Evil Village leaves some unique items off the beaten path for players to track down. Not all valuable treasure is left at their feet after a boss fight, so figuring out how to get to some of the key loot pieces marked on the map can be a challenge. As players delve deeper into the history of Resident Evil Village, Moreau's section offers a few more plot details, but also includes an essential part of loot, something Moreau calls the "Hidden Weapon".

    Some of the unique items found in Resident Evil Village have a tight window for when you can collect them. Players have a limited time to open Beneviento's treasure, and while Moreau's hidden weapon is more flexible regarding when players can pick it up, they'll want to add it to their arsenal right away because Moreau's hidden weapon Moreau is the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum.

    Where to Find Moreau's Hidden Weapon?

    Eagle-eyed players will no doubt locate an iron gate east of the first windmill in the village's reservoir area. However, a crank is required to open the gate, and players do not have one at this point in the game. It's not something players can buy from Duke, so they'll have to find one.

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    Fortunately, during Moreau's section of the game, players find a crank while frantically working to generate electricity to open a floodgate. The crank is an essential must-have for this segment of the game, so players shouldn't worry about skipping it and not being able to access Moreau's Hidden Weapon. Some sort of crank or valve crank has been a staple of Resident Evil games, and Village has a few nods from previous titles in it.

    After acquiring the crank, finishing the Moreau segment, and finishing off the third Boss in the game, players will have a chance to own the mighty Magnum. After taking the elevator back up from the reservoir, players can now open the iron gate east of the first windmill using the newly acquired crank.

    Be Prepared for a Fight

    Through the gate and down a narrow path, players will find some cabins. If Moreau's section of the game has left players out of supplies, they can go back to the village center and resupply. Players should be careful not to sell some important items to the Duke, but they should definitely carry more ammo and be ready to take on some villains to claim Moreau's Hidden Weapon.

    The farthest hut in the area can only be accessed through a hole in the back wall, and once inside, players will have to dispatch a lone enemy before they can safely grab the Magnum. Once in its possession, players may be tempted to immediately use the powerful weapon, as a werewolf will begin to prowl. The werewolf is definitely one of the scariest enemies in Resident Evil Village, as its fast movement and durability make it a tough fight.

    With the M1851 Wolfbane in hand, players are now ready to take on more powerful enemies encountered in later stages of the game. Moreau's Hidden Weapon definitely has an impact and shouldn't be ignored.

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