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    Resident Evil Village: all similarities to Resident Evil 4

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    Resident Evil Village is a spiritual successor to the iconic and impactful Resident Evil 4, and there are plenty of callbacks to prove it.

    Since I was revealed, Resident evil village felt like a spiritual successor to the iconic Resident Evil 4. While other Resident Evil games have tried to capture that essence, it's Resident Evil Village that comes closest to recapturing what made Resident Evil 4 so iconic in the first place.

    While it's a direct sequel to 7's Resident Evil 2017, Resident Evil Village has the heart and soul of Resident Evil 4, something it always recognizes. As such, it's no surprise that there are a lot of callbacks for Resident Evil 4 in Resident Evil Village. Here they are all.

    the lycans

    At the beginning of Resident Evil Village, Ethan becomes involved in an ambush by hordes of Lycans and their leader Uriah. All players can do at this point is to hold back in many of the houses in the village until the Lycans are withdrawn. This parallels the opening of Resident Evil 4, where Leon is ambushed by villagers infected with the Plaga parasite. In both cases, players have to hang on until a certain amount of time has passed.

    the villagers

    Shortly after encountering the Lycans, Ethan meets with the remaining residents at Luiza's house. It's immediately noticeable that the costumes of most of these villagers, including Leonardo and Elena's, are highly reminiscent of the villagers found in Resident Evil 4. While this similarity is also possible because both games take place in Europe, there's no doubt that it would remind players of Resident Evil 4's spooky villagers.

    The Typewriter

    Typewriters were used as save points in all early Resident Evil games. Unfortunately, they were discontinued after Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 7 brought back the feature, although it used cassette tapes instead. However, Resident Evil Village went all the way to Resident Evil 4 and brought back the beloved Typewriter as save points, for which the game also provides context.

    The Dimitrescu Castle

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    Resident Evil Village's emerging star Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters are bloodthirsty vampires. Despite being the first in a series, they also have a lot in common with Resident Evil 4. Both games feature a Gothic castle with a ruler of remarkable height. Lady Dimitrescu is gigantic at 2,10 meters tall, while Ramon Salazar is the complete opposite.

    The Duke

    The Duke is not only the most mysterious character in Resident Evil Village, he is also the most prominent. He's also the only friendly face Ethan encounters throughout the game, who not only provides the updates and materials, but also pushes the narrative forward with a dump of exposition at every juncture in the story.

    The Duke's presence in Resident Evil Village is a return to the Merchant of Resident Evil 4 inherently. However, the game goes a step further, allowing him to reiterate the iconic quote, “What are you buying?” The Duke still acknowledges that this was something his “old friend” used to say, further solidifying his connections with the good old merchant.

    A Chave Da Ferro Badge

    In Dimitrescu's castle, players will find an Iron Insignia Key, which is the most practical key of all in Resident Evil Village. The Iron Insignia Key unlocks the most prominently locked door in the game, and Resident Evil 4 fans can experience déjà vu the first time they see it. That's because there's an Insignia Key in Resident Evil 4 as well.

    The Boat and the Fish Monster

    In the second half of Resident Evil Village, Ethan ventures into Moreau territory via boat. It's soon evident that a giant fish monster is lurking in the lake, something that veteran Resident Evil fans would immediately notice the similarities to Del Lago from Resident Evil 4. In Resident Evil 4, Leon encounters the grotesque fish-like monster, Del Lago, while crossing the lake. While the two battles are different, the similarities are really noteworthy.

    Resident evil village is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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