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    Resident Evil Village: All Breakable Window Locations for Hooligan Trophy/Achievement

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    Source: Capcom

    A trophy in Resident Evil Village requires the player to be a hooligan and break all the windows in the castle, and this guide shows you where they all are.

    Resident evil village It's a game with a lot of replay value. Dedicated fans of the game will go through Ethan's campaign again and again as they conquer higher difficulties and reach faster speeds.

    Along the way, they will earn many satisfying trophies or achievements for the complete completion of the game. One hidden achievement that some players may find is the trophy Hooligan for breaking all breakable windows at Dimitrescu Castle in a single playthrough.

    This guide will show the locations of all these windows in Resident evil village for the intrepid achievement hunters out there.

    While breaking all the windows might sound like an arbitrary task, there is actually a gameplay benefit to being a hooligan.

    Lady Dimitrescu's daughters are weak in cold air. There are several segments throughout the castle where the player must either escape or fight the Dimitrescu daughters, and it will be easier to do so if the windows are broken and the cold is flooding the hallways.

    While it won't help when being chased by Lady Dimitrescu herself, broken windows will still be a boon, especially when trying to survive higher difficulty modes.


    As a reminder, the Hooligan achievement only refers to windows inside Dimitrescu Castle. There is no need to vandalize other dwellings that can be found elsewhere throughout the game.

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    It is also important to remember that it must be done during a single playthrough, even if players are currently running a New Game. The maps below will highlight all breakable window locations throughout Dimitrescu Castle.

    There are a total of 20 breakable windows inside Dimitrescu Castle. Players who want to earn the Hooligan trophy must break all these windows before facing the Lady Dimitrescu boss fight.

    Once the castle lady is defeated and Ethan has escaped, there is no going back for the rest of the playthrough. Of course, there is the option to carry a previous save if the player prefers to save the trophy hunt for one more day.


    • 2 north of the Kitchen, in the room where Bela Dimitrescu is fought.
    • 2 in the Dining Room, one on either side of the door leading to the Patio.
    • 2 above the ladder as it rises to 2F towards the Chambers of Dimitrescu
    • 1 in the hallway outside of Dimitrescu's Chambers, immediately after going up the stairs and breaking the previous windows.
    • 2 in the same hall as before, but immediately outside the Ablution Hall.
    • 3 on the balcony outside Dimitrescu's Chambers, two on the left side of the door leading inside and one on the right side.
    • 3 above the stairs when going up to 2F towards the Library.
    • 2 in the room off the balcony of the Opera Hall.
    • 1 in the room near the balcony of the Opera Hall where the Flower Sword Ball is found.
    • 1 in the corridor east of the Hall of Joy.
    • 1 in the Atelier, which players will break when solving the Atelier puzzle.

    Image Credits: Capcom

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