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    Resident Evil Village: 10 Weapons You Should Upgrade ASAP

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    Since there are so many weapons in Resident Evil Village, it helps to know which weapons to upgrade right away.

    Resident Evil 7's realistic tone and grounded game design meant that updating weapons didn't exactly have a place. Ethan could still create like in the previous games, but RE7 was going to a smaller scope that brought him back to the original game alone. Resident Evil Village is the flip side of the Law, covering every little oddity that made Resident Evil the franchise it is. 

    Resident Evil Village is as much a love letter to the series as it is a breathtaking sequel to Resident Evil 7. The weapon upgrade returns in Village, giving Ethan a wider arsenal of weapons to choose from than he did in Resident Evil 7. Since there are so many weapons in Resident Evil Village, it helps to know which weapons to upgrade right away. 

    10. LEMI Handgun 

    It's not worth holding the LEMI Handgun for the entire game, but it will be your main weapon in Castle Dimitrescu during a new run, so it's worth upgrading. Lei isn't plentiful early in the game, but money isn't particularly hard to come by after Castle. Be sure to prioritize LEMI power and fire rate for upgrades. The LEMI's default reload speed is not very high, but it can be used for the castle. The best way to use LEMI is to damage enemies and then switch to a stronger weapon to kill. 

    9. M1897 Shotgun

    The M1897 Shotgun will be found in East Old Town just before Ethan is attacked by the Lycan swarm. The M1897 is the weakest shotgun in the game and should be replaced as soon as possible, but it has the potential to be downright lethal during the early game. Upgrading the M1987's power and ammo capacity will consume a good amount of money in the castle, but enemies will drop quickly. 

    8. F2 Sniper Rifle

    The F2 Sniper Rifle will be found inside Dimitrescu Castle as part of the story and requires great carelessness to forget about. Despite being obtained so early in the game, the F2 Sniper Rifle is one of the best weapons in Resident Evil Village. Fully depleted, the Sniper Rifle is almost as strong as a basic Magnum - which is already beastly. 

    You'll want to fully upgrade the F2 Sniper Rifle by the end of your game (especially to unlock infinite ammo in the bonus shop), but prioritize power and fire rate first. It also helps to buy the Cheek Rest accessory from Duke to reduce the Sniper Rifle's aim when aiming at the crosshairs. 

    7. M1911 Handgun

    The M1911 weapon can be found in the Village Workshop after completing Dimitrescu Castle. It will be hidden in a locked closet in the northwest house. Enter the lock code (070408) and the gun should be inside. The M1911 is a considerably better weapon than the LEMI, lacking only when it comes to ammo capacity. The M1911 will be Ethan's primary weapon until the final area, so get comfortable and don't be shy about upgrading everything. (The resale value will be enough to buy the V61 Custom later). 

    6. W870 TAC Shotgun

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    The W870 TAC shotgun can be found in the garden on the way to Casa Beneviento (although Ethan is only able to explore this area properly after defeating Donna Beneviento). The W870 TAC Shotgun is in a shack you will pass through after completing Casa Beneviento. Make sure you sell the M1897 right away and start getting used to the W870. The Shotgun's weight will take some getting used to, but it's much stronger. As with the M1911, try to upgrade everything and use the resale value to your advantage later. 

    5. V61 Custom Handgun 

    The V61 Custom Handgun is available for purchase after entering the Heisenberg factory and is the strongest weapon Ethan can obtain in the main game. The V61 Custom can be purchased from Duke for 120.000 Lei, which is quite a bit at any point during the first game. Fortunately, an updated M1911 brings a good profit. Try upgrading ammo capacity and reload speed first as this is where the V61 is most lacking. From there, invest in Power, but remember that New Game Plus has other weapons to try. 

    4., SYG-12 Shotgun

    Like the V61 Custom Handgun, the SYG-12 Shotgun is available for purchase after entering the Heisenberg factory. The SYG-12 costs 180.000 Lei, which your W870 dealer is unlikely to fully cover. However, the SYG-12 is worth investing in. It's the strongest shotgun in the game and as mindlessly strong as it is fast. A fully upgraded SYG-12 is a multi-game effort in the making, but it's worth it.

    3. M851 Wolfsbane Magnum

    The M851 Wolfsbane Magnum can only be obtained after defeating Moreau. With your new crank in hand, you'll be able to access Moreau's laboratory and his home. The Magnum will be labeled Moreau's Hidden Treasure on the overworld map. It's in a treasure chest inside a locked house that you need to get in through the back. 

    Kill the Lycan inside and get your Magnum. The Wolfsbane is extremely expensive to upgrade, but it's the strongest weapon you'll find before New Game Plus. The Magnum clears the ground with most enemies in its base, so invest in Power if you want the rest of the story to be a breeze (though don't expect to find much ammo). 

    2. WCX Assault Rifle

    Challenges and the bonus shop are unlocked after beating the game once. By completing in-game Challenges (some tied to Trophies and Achievements), players can earn CP to unlock Figurines, Concept Art or new weapons and even Infinite Ammo for subsequent playthroughs. 

    The WCX Assault Rifle costs 30.000 CP and can be purchased from Duke for 200 Lei. WCX has two accessories that players should buy ASAP, but be prepared to spend a lot of LEI. Red Dot Sight increases WCX potency and costs 140.000 Lei, while Foregrip reduces recoil by a little and costs 80.000 Lei.

    1. STAKE Magnum

    The STAKE Magnum is the strongest weapon in Resident Evil Village, but is only available for purchase in New Game Plus. The Duke will sell the STAKE for 300.000 Lei on all released files. STAKE has two expensive accessories that are worth buying: the Extended Mag for 180.000 Lei and the Enhanced Grip for 120.000 Lei. The STAKE is a weapon that will require a few playthroughs to purchase, let alone an upgrade, but it's the perfect weapon for tackling the biggest difficulties. 

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