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    Remedy's Epic game, could be Alan Wake 2, "is going into production soon"

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    The AAA project of Remedy Entertainment , created in partnership with the epic Games, will “soon” enter full production.

    The Finnish developer behind Control has signed publishing deals with Epic Games for two unannounced titles in March 2020.

    “Remedy's AAA game project with the epic Games is going into full production, and the second smaller-scale game remains in full production mode,” confirmed the studio in a business review. published on Wednesday.

    It was previously announced that one of the titles was a "AAA cross-platform game", and that the second was a game project. “smaller scale” set in the same franchise. Both are being developed in the game engine Northlight owner of Remedy and tools.

    A epic Games Publishing will cover up to 100% of development costs and all publishing costs, and will share the profits 50/50 once your development costs have been recouped. "

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    Epic understands what it takes to make a great game,” said the Remedy creative director Sam Lake, when the partnership was announced. “They want to give us complete creative freedom.”

    GamesBeat reporter, Jeff grubb, stated in March that the Remedy would develop Alan Wake 2 , with the sequence scheduled to be published by epic Games.

    Remedy also has several other projects in the works. In her business review, she noted that nearly all of the internal controls developers are now working on other games, "including an exciting new early phase project."

    He added: “The Crossfire team is wrapping up single-player operations for CrossfireX e Crossfire HD de Smilegate. With both games releasing in 2021, this is a significant year for the Crossfire.

    "Like Vanguard, our free-to-play co-op game project, we have now defined many of the key elements of the game. Development is progressing at a good pace, indoor play testing continues and we are starting the next phase of closed outdoor play testing. ”

    A Remedy said earlier that the purpose of Vanguard is to combine an experience multiplayer “long term” with its own unique features.

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