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    Rainbow Six extraction, previously called Quarantine, will be revealed at E3

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    Hello and welcome to another post from PrE3 where I can count the name of something that will be showing over the next week of trailers and ads and all. We were already planning to hear about the next one. C 'em during the event Ubisoft Forward, and now we get the title. 

    Rainbow six extraction do Sr. Tom Clancy is the new name of the game formerly known as R6 Quarantine. Ubi said he'll do a big full reveal for the upcoming R6 game this weekend.

    In a message from the developers, Ubi said they will be showing off a "gameplay debut and a deep dive into what you can expect from Extraction."

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    Last we heard, the game formerly known as Quarantine was a standalone spinoff of the R6 Siege's Outbreak event, where teams of three face off against hordes of zombie-like things. It looks like that should still be the case, just with the new name.

    “We took the solid foundations of Rainbow Six Siege and we've created a modern tactical co-op shooter where you'll face an ever-evolving alien threat. You will have many different challenges to overcome, but you will always have one goal in mind, to ensure that no one is left behind. It will be up to you and your team to decide when to advance or when to extract. "

    Ubisoft Forward is happening this Saturday, June 12 at 20:00 pm (12:00 pm Pacific). They will also talk about Far Cry 6 e Riders republic. You can watch the rest of the weekend and summer live streams on our E3 2021 .

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