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    PUBG's "year of the big map" introduces Miramar overhaul and two new maps

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    The Battlegrounds Developers PlayerUnknown are clearly working hard this year. The upcoming 12.1 update is set to provide a slew of new features, updates, tweaks and even a full remaster for the Miramar

    Additionally, two new 8×8 maps, codenamed 'Tiger' and 'Kiki' respectively, have also been revealed and are expected to release sometime before early 2022.

    Having released a series of smaller maps last year, karakin, we stop e Port, the PUBG team announced 2021 as “the year of the big map” . 

    For Miramar, this includes the biggest map update since its release in late 2017. According to the development blog, this involves “many of the new technologies we employ in our latest maps, including lighting, performance, graphical fidelity, topography and, of course, special features. ”

    In fact, as we can see in the patch notes, Miramar's contrast has been lowered and combined with lighting tweaks to create a drier, smoother look. 

    Much of the clutter that existed before is now gone, which should help players navigate more easily. It will also allow players to take better advantage of the new crispy textures added to various buildings and objects on the map.

    You can check out what these changes look like below.

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    As for Tiger e Kiki, players will be in for a surprise if the concept art is any reference. Tiger it has a mix of large open expanses of farm and school grounds, with narrower sections woven in thanks to clusters of houses. 

    Tiger is also set to feature a unique revive system of some description, though the developers have yet to share more on how this will materialize.

    Kiki, in turn, makes the experience much more monotonous. The imposing cityscape is littered with drains and sewers, boasting everything from “mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers, swamps, subways and underwater buildings.”

    Expected to drop later this year or early 2022, the Kiki it is clearly still in the early stages of development and could come with a dramatically different appearance.

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