Psychonauts 2: Double Fine says it's still planned for release this year

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The studio Double Fine from Xbox reiterated its intention to release Psychonauts 2 this year.

In a series of tweets recognizing the 16th anniversary of the original game, the San Francisco studio said he was getting ready for the bigger celebrations.

The studio wrote: “Yes, it will be out this year, I've been mentioning it here and elsewhere for a while, but no, I can't say when… But it's real. It's playable. He is coming. ”

Psychonauts 2 was announced nearly six years ago, in December 2015, and later scheduled for release in Q2019 XNUMX.

Source: Xbox

Double Fine finally confirmed it would be released in 2020 and then pushed it back again to 2021 last summer.

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The sequel to 2005's Psychonauts was revealed in The Game Awards in 2015, with Double Fine going on to raise over $3,8 million on the streaming platform. crowdfunding Fig to help develop the title for PC , Mac , Linux , PS4 , Xbox One . Psychonauts 2 will now also be optimized for Xbox Series X.

Happy birthday to Psychonauts! It released 16 years ago today! Behold this cake from the original game's completion! And let's prepare for an even gnarlier cake on the arrival of P2 this year!

What's your favorite Psychonauts memory? I'm gonna go with…Lungfishopolis!

— Double Fine (@DoubleFine) April 19, 2021

Several big-budget titles have been delayed from 2021 in recent months as the disruption caused by the coronavirus begins to affect production schedules.

Back in February, Bungie pushed back the next Destiny expansion to next year.

O Lord of the Rings Gollum , Gran Turismo 7Gotham Knights , Back 4 Blood  e  Hogwarts legacy also had their dates canceled during the first months of the year.

Last summer, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, said he believes games planned for 2021 are more likely to be affected by the coronavirus pandemic than last year's releases, given the stage at which their development cycles were disrupted by last year's shutdown.

“Games targeting a year or more from now? There will be some impact, but they will be able to react,” he said.

Double Fine founder Tim Shafer said Microsoft's focus on creating a diverse range of content for Double Fine subscribers Xbox Game Pass means your studio will maintain the same identity and spirit of nearly two decades as an independent developer, while continuing to make “experimental” games.

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