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    PS5 Exclusive Godfall Seemingly Coming to PS4

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    Source: PlayStation

    One of the PS5 launch titles could make its way to more consoles.

    Gearbox's next generation looter destroyer,  Godfall, may be available at PlayStation 4 coming soon, according to the rating board of the PEGI.

    Godfall was one of the launch titles of the PlayStation 5, although the game also appeared in the PC via Epic Games Store

    Godfall was originally positioned as one of the first truly next-gen titles thanks to its graphics, but it looks like it may now be moving towards a next-gen platform.

    Source: PlayStation

    The European video game rating system PEGI has amended the Godfall page to include the PlayStation 4, as seen by Twisted Voxel . 

    Interestingly, Godfall not yet available for Xbox One ou Xbox Series X | S., so it appears to still be a PlayStation exclusive regardless of whether it goes to the last generation. 

    It's unclear if it will ever switch to Xbox consoles, but it wasn't expected to receive a next-gen version either, so it's not too crazy of an idea.

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    Of course, the rating PEGI does not necessarily mean the game will be released on PS4, in the end. PEGI had previously posted listings by mistake, even posting the release date for this version of the game as April 23, which it obviously didn't. 

    Recently, the site ranked Borderlands 3 : Director’s Cut to Nintendo Switch only for 2K Games to dismiss the rumor afterwards, claiming that the shooter will not come to the Nintendo console.

    Source: EpicGames

    Prior to its release, the developers announced that Godfall would be a PS5 exclusive until May 12, which means that it is possible that this is the day the game will be released for PS4 or any other platform

    Se Godfall arrives on PlayStation 4, it is likely to receive a serious downgrade. At the very least, the PS4 will not support 60 fps with resolution of 4K, then it will have to be compromised in some respects.

    Previously, the developers announced the new update for Godfall to bring matchmaking to the game, a feature that many fans have been eagerly waiting for for months. 

    If matchmaking were included in the game as it makes its way to other platforms, we could see some sort of increase in Godfall's popularity.

    Source: Twisted Voxel

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