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    PS Plus Games for March 2022 Now Available

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    GTA Online coming a little later

    After a somewhat tame selection last month, PlayStation Plus looks healthier in March 2022. The monthly lineup is four strong games this time around, five when you include GTA Online , coming later – and all are available for download now.

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    Yes, the rollout has started, which means you can now add the March PS Plus games to your library and download them. As a reminder, this month we have Ghost runner (PS5) Ghost of Tsushima Legends (PS5, PS4), Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4) and Team Sonic Racing (PS4). As mentioned, GTA Online for PS5 will join this collection a little later, arriving in March 15th for Plus subscribers.

    Which of March's PS Plus games are you most excited to play? Tell us in the comments section below.

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